Friday, February 19, 2010

Kid Games

I'm a gamer and a mom. My son will be 14 next month (Ahh I am getting old!), I try to get him to play games with me since it's something we both have in common. Do you play games with your children? That is if you have children, maybe family members if you don't have kids- cousins, siblings ect?

My son and I are worlds apart when it comes to what games we like. Yes, that's us in the picture- A rare glimpse into my personal world ;)  He likes console games and more fast paced game play in an MMO and he is big into FPS games. Where I like to take my time and play my MMOs.

We tried several games together. At times he would play on one of our accounts along with me in the evenings, WoW, EQ.. even Guild Wars. Then he sort of went his own way with games. Sometimes he asks me what a good game is or if any fun new FTP games are out. He even played WoW for awhile with his friends next door, they thought it was so cool they could ask me a zillion questions about the game. Which it was pretty neat, talking with them and being on the same level, so to speak.

Eventually they got bored and stopped playing so much. It just seemed there wasn't much they could stay interested in. And if they hit high end what would they do? My son could raid and run heroics, as he really is a decent player and understands classes well, his friends however still didn't grasp a lot of the mechanics. 

Lately though it seems a lot of games are aimed at an older audience. Most, dare I say-  'tweens" don't like to stick with something for long, hopping around when they get bored. Which is really natural. We tried the Free Realm thing, which he thinks is a bit young for him, even if his mom likes it- lol. Now mostly he plays Adventure Quest, his PS3 and some other free games here and there. I do try to bend and play console games with him at times, he loves it. But I am really not so great and we end up just laughing at how terri-bad I am.

He does like to share what he has done in his games and show me, I make a point to take the time to listen and look. I know how it is to have a hobby and feel you accomplished something and want to share it with someone! That is at least something we can share.

So do you play computer or console games with your (kids)? What do you play? Are they interested in much of the games you play? I'm curious to know. Do you feel the MMO scene offers much to kids?



  1. Sweet deal! I think its great that you play and are supportive in both of your hobbies.

    My girl friend and I have only recently tried to play games together, she enjoys reading my blog and listen/watching me play. I've introduced her to F2P games (DDO and now Allods) and her 14 yr old daughter try'ed DDO with us but lost interest because she just wanted to kill stuff (lol) and kept dying. It was fun while it lasted, but what else can you ask for in a world that desperately seeks to steal time and attention away from us and our kids.


  2. Oh la la is that you in that there pic?

    You never told me you were such a looker ;)

    *ahem* anyway in relation to games and getting my family involved....tried and failed. Whilst they dont mind my gaming habits they dont understand why I have such passion for pixels..... not everyone is perfect I suppose

  3. A beautiful woman always wins lol!
    Hey thats you!!

  4. Having an opportunity to play with family is a rare gift. You're very fortunate. Some will never understand what we do or why we do it. Unfortunately, as with anything else, lack of understanding can destroy a relationship.

    I hope as my kids grow they'll take to gaming, as they already seem to. Right now they're enjoying their Wii, but any time I'm playing, they make it a point to come in and watch me play awhile.

    Maybe they'll be able to better convey my feelings to their mother and through them she'll understand. OH, and wow you and "Janet" look so much alike. Or is it just me?

  5. @Kaldeem- Mine gets the same way lol. Running ahead at times, 'Oops sorry mom thought you were with me'... *Splat* time for a rez! But it is all in good fun, he even runs me though stuff at times. 'Mom stop running ahead of me!'

    @Pitrelli- *Blush* Aw shucks..

    A lot of my family plays games, even my brothers do, while I end up being the bigger gamer out of the three of us. My mother listens even though she isn't a gamer, she even reads my blog lol. It is nice when people show interest and don't shun a hobby. It's easy with MMO's as a lot of people either love them or hate them. There isn't a lot of understanding, my best friend never has understood why I play.

    @Janet- *Hugs* Thanks ;)

    @Skhurd- It all depends on how people are willing to bend in a relationship. I didn't start out liking MMO's I decided to see what it was about for myself before judging them. It turns out I was much more interested than I thought I would be!

    My son watched me game since he was little, he wanted to play EQ when he was four. I sat him up in a chair beside me and followed him around (with a higher char) while he hacked and slashed away at monsters lol. I've always let him play my games if he showed interest.

    Maybe yours will show an interest too. As for their mother, good luck with that ;) My husband plays games I have no interest in, I may not play them but I try to show an interest or ask him about it, even watch him play it. It takes an effort to show an interest and it makes the other person feel cared about. It all depends on the person I suppose.

    At times he (my husband) pokes fun of me for playing this or that game. Then he ends up playing it in a week or so. I don't bug him. I just make it sound like the most fun thing in the world lol.

    Yes, Janet is my mother. But you knew that already didn't you? ;)

  6. And I was so certain she was your sister! /swoon ... I kid, I kid (but not really).

    In other news, my wife likes teh facebook, which gives me a mild feeling of nausea in the pit of my stomach. She enjoys the social aspect of the pseudo-games on it, which is confusing, as she fails to realize what a major part socialization plays in the games I play (or played). I'm convinced it's all out of spite at this point.

    I suppose all is not lost, however. There's no competition for play time and no reason to build another computer. Once the kids are old enough to play, however, I'm screwed.

  7. *Giggle* -silly man ;)

    I am on facebook too, though it is because my bestfriend and my father and a few others are into that. my husband hates it with a passion and hates that I am on it LOL. I use it to share pictures with family and friends. I have to be REALLY bored to post anything, mainly I do it on my phone when I am out with nothing to do... but then mostly I am browsing my reader reading about games LOL.

    Yes, the social aspect from games is one of the reasons MMOs are so fun. Grouping with friends, chatting with them about the game you like -or are currently playing- can help if nobody else understands your passion/hobby. We all like to have someone to talk to about things we are into.

    Shoot me a tell in Allods or leave your server & character name and I'll look you up. It would be nice to say hello sometime in game :D

  8. Excuse the typos- I am too lazy to retype all that over =p

  9. My daughter has always been interested in computers. I know that has a lot to do with the fact that I do a lot of work on them. I'm a business owner working from home so she has seen me do a lot over the years. I gave her her first computer when she turned three. It was a HP Pavillion. She calls it 'Zizzy'

    She was naturally intrigued when she saw me playing games and so I introduced her to The Elder Scrolls and Viva Pinata when she was three years old. /grins

    I thought your mom was your sister too. I do pop by her website but for now I'm just a lurker one day I'll comment since I do love beadwork and design jewelry too.

  10. Zizzy, that's cute hehe. My son also liked Viva Pinata a lot. That one was a really cute game!

    Yeah my mom is into the jewelry scene, she wishes I would get into it lol. I have been making beads with clay, one day I am going to list them to sell... one day. Lol I'm still stocking up ;)

  11. I forgot to add...

    Lovely photo of you and your son.

    Yep, Viva is a cute game. Initially my daughter was afraid of some of the 'spookier' pets and 'humans'. We put that game aside for a bit.

    I forget the name of the game we replaced it with. It was a bear that reminded me of Baloo and I think the lady was a forest ranger. I think the game was a movie too. When she was around five we picked up Viva again and she wasn't afraid anymore. Now she whacks the 'spooky ones' with a shovel. /grins

  12. Aw thanks Pouncie :)

    Hehe Viva is really cute. Mine loved Pikmin for a long time, on the game cube.

    Another cute one is Little Big Planet, it's sooo adorable. It looks to be kid friendly also.




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