Monday, February 1, 2010

Death of The Lich King... (WoW)

May Arthas R.I.P.- At least we know what became of beloved Bolvar...  Sadly this year he won't be getting any Valentines.. I always voted for Bolvar :(


  1. I saw that on WOW insider a few hours ago, sort of turned out as I though, and almost makes me wish I wanted to time to raiding, almost... ;)

  2. My bother (I have two one plays and the other has been gone for almost a year) started playing again today and sent me the link. I had my ideas Bolvar would show up in this plot!

    I do too wish I was raiding still. I watched one of my brothers raid ICC last night for a bit and it sort of made me wish I was.

    Almost-- hehe. I know what ya mean. They died several times getting sooo close to the kill. Eventually they got it though.

  3. Note to self...
    Quit responding to posts when you are watching movies with your daughter. /grins




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