Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Peek at Allods Online

Last night I decided to check out Allods Online. I had a chance to watch my brother play it recently and was pretty intrigued with what I had seen so far. If anything I was dazzled by the graphics and the classes seemed very interesting.

First Impressions
The game is truly beautiful, the characters are quite lovely, set in a charming fantasy world. I don't like to base game value on being pretty, but it is a nice bonus if they look this good and play well. The character animations were fluid, which was nice. Hairstyles- Some of the best I've seen yet.

Basically the game has a very polished feel about it. From the nice UI to the game play, it felt as if the game were one you would buy off the shelf, it is definitely impressive for a Free to Play game.

The classes all seem very cool and it will be a tough choice to pick which one I like the most. I love pet classes and so far I've had a chance to try two of them, Summoner and Druid. While I am still in the very beginnings of the game it has a nice pace so far. Not too quick but not too slow, combat wise.

I would say this is the first new game I've gotten excited over in quite awhile. I like it that much thus far. I can see myself playing this one for sure. But currently I am still getting a feel for the game. However, I feel like a kid in a candy shop!

Game Play
Of course it has a lot of ! for quests, talent trees and mechanics like other games. Though it does have a unique feel to it. As with any respectable MMO you can use the space bar to jump, the animations are smooth. It fits like an old shoe, while having it's own new feel at the same time. Which is good.

With the Summoner I got a pet to tank while I dotted and nuked which was fun. He is available from talent points. Basically he is a tank and spank pet so far. I noticed you can also charge a nuke and the character holds it in hand (glowing in the hand) until you use it on the next mob. Pretty nifty little mechanic. You can do this with all of the caster classes, I like this little mechanic.

The second class I tried was the Druid. This seemed like a melee caster, with a neat pet to boot. It felt as if a bit more dps from the start. A very fun little class indeed. As I like pet classes a lot, I am not sure which I liked the most.

I still want to explore other classes and see what suits me. I have plans to try the Priest next. I can't give game review- only touching the tip of the iceberg so far. But if you can't tell so far, I like it a lot!

Closing Thoughts
I am all around impressed with the game. If you are looking for something new and interesting, it is well worth a try. What's to lose? There are plenty of quests to keep one entertained. It's new, it looks great, has a nice feel to it and the interface and movement feels good.

At this point I am not sure how long term it is for a game as a main MMO, but it does have potential. It is something I can see myself playing. I still have a lot of questions, I need to pop into the forums and get more of a feel for what is ahead.

If you have not had a chance to check it out, you can find the official site here! BTW- It is currently still in closed beta- Open to all. Everything will be wiped clean when open beta is released. However open beta will not be wiped. I can't wait for open beta to begin!



  1. I'm actually somewhat disappointed in myself that I'm looking forward to a F2P game. I think it's my far too extensive break from gaming in general, but they announced today that open beta will happen on the 16th of this month, so I started reading up on the game and checked out some videos.

    I admit I do like most of what I'm seeing, but I still can't form an official opinion, based on what little I know and having not played it. If the PvP isn't forced on me, doesn't cause the same issues as WoW with the community and I'm able to play through to the end-game strictly by way of PvE, I'll give this a fair shot. I guess we'll see how things go.

    I will most likely end up playing an Arisen Savant. What kind of feel did you get when you played the summoner? What can you compare it to in EQ/WoW terms?

  2. The summoner felt (at the low level) to me a cross between an EQ Mage and Necro. While it has life stealing spells (dots and nukes also), the pet tanked everything with ease. I guess you could compare it to the Warlock in WoW.. but it didn't feel the same.. drain tanking and so on. It had more of a feel to a pet tanking class like EQ has. It could change higher up, I don't know.

    While I am definitely going to play it when OB comes out- PvP has me worried about interfering with my leveling. So I do not know how serious I will play. There is forced PvP with flags that can drop on mobs forcing anyone you attack to flag. At least in CB..

    Honestly right now nothing (to me) is more rewarding than EQ. Though if you do try Allods let me know how it goes!




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