Friday, February 5, 2010

Everquest Poll!

The last couple of days upon logging into EQ there have been polls. The first was something about applications to smart phones which wasn't really of much interest to me. However today's poll was something of quite some interest to me. Can I check them all?! Sadly I couldn't so I had to pick the one I think EQ could benefit from the most. 

First before I go into more about why, I'd like to talk about them all. I think they are all wonderful ideas for Everquest. I am very excited to see such a poll and I know it would take far more resources than are currently available to the development team. I am glad to see S.O.E. taking measures to see what the community wants and updating some of the aspects of the game. So lets begin!

1- UI Revamp. If you have played Everquest as long as I... then it's something that, while being old, isn't as bad as some make it out to be. While I would like to be able to use more spells at one time, that would make the game unbalanced. So upon saying that, I don't think this is one of the higher priorities. There are things such as targeting (corpses, mobs) that are more of an issue I would want to be looked into first.

2- Increased Inventory Space. Yikes! I would actually love to have this as a Bard. I have so many clickies I do often wish for bigger bags. This was a hard one to pass up. Indeed we could use bigger bags but it's not the biggest issue, not something that bothers me as much as other things.

3- Player Housing. Oh how I would love to have Player Housing in Everquest. This was very hard not to pick as a choice, it's something I absolutely love in every game I play- if there was an option of having player housing and a trader in it selling items for me.. It would get my vote quickly! However as old as the game is, I doubt many people really would be interested in this. I am very interested in it, however I am not the majority! People would feel that the implement of this would make it look as if even less people were out in the world.

4- Improved Guild System. Hrmm not something I really think needs to be looked into. More depth to Guild Halls? I'd rather see Player Housing before this being added in. I think the guild system as it is, is currently superior to many other games honestly. The utility in the Guild Hall alone is far more advanced than in almost every other game I have played.

5- Re-vamped Bazaar/Broker System. Yes please! This is the one I had to pick. I am not saying lets have an auction system such as WoW- cancel all your trader accounts! Simply put, I rarely go into trader mode. If I am not home, my machine is off.  I'm not thinking- 'Hey let me load up EQ' -before I run out the door. Or sometimes I am doing other things on my machine and don't want to have EQ running in the background.

I want to sell more than I do, heck most of the time I am broke but I have tons of items to be sold that could net me huge amounts of plat.. but I don't go trader so I stay broke.  I want an offline trader mode- something I can do while I am not online at least to sell my items. I don't like having EQ running 24/7 in hopes of selling something! This I think is one of the most needed things in the game currently, a different way to sell things- not standing there AFK with the game running- I do use my machine for other things too!

6- New Player Character Models. This is iffy. Yes and No. If they are like the Human models that were on test a ways back, no. I like the latest models a lot honestly. Some could use an update I suppose. Like my Barb Beastlord, she looks like she is wearing a dress.. She is a BEAST LORD not a mini skirt wearing prissy girl. However, while my Bard in Barb illusion  (plate) looks cool as can be.

Uhmm.. Guess I got carried away there. Anyhow. This could go very well or very bad. If they were in tune with the current feel of the models then yes. Would new players give the game another look? Possibly. Do we need them? Not really.

7- More Mercenary Types. This would actually be really good. There were plans to add in more, I suppose this is a poll to see what is wanted the most in the current state of the game. I would have to say this isn't as needed as much as the trader mode, but more so than other choices. Do we need more? Not really, they would be cool- I am happy having heals currently! It would be a nice bonus for some classes and groups though.

8- Player Generated Content System. Basically make your own content. Not something that appeals to me currently. It is a very nice idea, very unique and I am sure some people would love it. Unfortunately most players wouldn't utilize it.

Those are my thoughts on the new ideas. Very exciting, I hope to hear more on the results soon. How about you? Anything you would absolutely love to be added?

See you in Norrath!


  1. Yeah, it was a hard choice for me too. Bigger bags and offline trading are something I've wanted for years. New mercs would be awesome too (and probably easier to implement since they were designed to be expandanble). It would be great to have mercs with unique merc-only abilities, as well as mercs that fit more roles. A paladin or magician merc would be neat, as they could do both tanking and healing. For my magician and my warrior the choice of mercs was easy (though my mage would prefer a shaman to a cleric), but for other classes, like my enchanter, that can neither tank nor heal, no matter which merc they choose a key group role is unfulfilled. I'm eager to see what the future holds.

  2. Yeah it really was a tough choice!

    New mercs like slower and dps would be very cool too. I've always wondered what types they had in mind when they mentioned they might implement more.

    I do hope the majority vote for something we really could use, as some choices are more needed than others.




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