Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Weekly Run Down

So whats going on with everyone this week? Something new, something old perhaps? I thought I'd share what I have been doing lately, or haven't been doing- in the weekly run down. I've had a busy week and haven't really had much time to get down to what's been going on with my many characters. Lets start with some new...

I have been popping in and out of this game in hopes to catch it at a lull.. ha! There has been no lull, every time I am on it is a challenge to even find one mob up. I did manage to finish a few quests today and move on, but eventually I got tired of hunting mobs and seeing more people than mobs, wishing I could kill them instead! That and the WoW chat was pretty annoying. But it is to be expected, it seems to happen in every new game. I did manage to get my summoner's pet finally.

I hope to get started playing more as the week goes on and the rush of new people in the starting areas slows down some. I actually was having a bit of fun until I realized I was running circles for five minutes looking for mobs. Maybe others have had better luck than I with moving up in the levels, I suppose I have a lower threshold and would rather go play something else.

Although I am not playing it really lately, I still have been keeping tabs, I think when Cataclysm comes out I will be more interested. This one isn't scratched off the list, I am merely taking an unexpected vacation from Azeroth for now! I do miss my characters at times, so I am sure I will be back before long.

Free Realms
I popped into Free Realms to check out the holiday event which was pretty fun for the most part. The decorations were really awesome, the team did an outstanding job on those. I did some of the quests and didn't get anything good (*sniff*), peeked at the cash shop items and drooled- I resisted! Played around with my housing. I noticed the prices on house items are much cheaper along with prices on items in general (Gold not Station Cash). So I was pretty happy about that. I ended up sitting in my house for waaay too long rearranging it and figured it was time to log out.

Recently we picked up on the Mayong server, which was a lot of fun. However we have characters spread across a few servers and decided to pop in on an older server we have not played on in some time. So for now we are messing around with some of those characters. I am sure you will see more about those in the future. Nothing exciting to report from Norrath currently.

So that's what I've been up to with my games. I hope to write more about Allods soon, we shall see how it goes as the week comes to an end. That could be worse though! Safe adventures all!


  1. Hmm I just cant stomach the look of Allods online and with the mixed opinion of 'its a WoW clone' 'its not a WoW clone' I think its a game I'll leave well alone. I mean sure it would be fun for about 5 minutes being able to play a little group of hamsters but Im trying to reign in 'tourism'.

    Anyway who wants to roll hamsters when you can be a werewolf? come on Blizzard! make an announcement already!

  2. Oh I know, I am so tired of waiting on Cataclysm lol.

    Allods is new and shiny and it's free, so it's something for me to mess around on while the hubby isn't playing EQ with me. It's pretty cramped in the newbie areas, I don't like that at all. Going to give it a little more time to see how it pans out though.

  3. Allods does look appealing but I have stayed away I ad a feeling it would be packed. I checked out the videos, didn't like the animation of one of the characters I saw. It seemed she moved with her head cocked to the side, or maybe I was dreaming that. Either way, eventually I'll check it out to see what I think about it.

  4. I have spent the past week playing EQ2 and loving it...haha

  5. *Ducks* I know, I need to install it lol! I will try to get it this week heheh.

  6. @Pouncealot- In the morning hours it's actually (wee morning hours lol) not bad but as it gets later the people start coming in droves lol.

    You probably saw one of the mechanical looking races, where the heads sort of turn in odd angles, they do look sweet though. I think the animations are pretty smooth personally. It's really a polished game other than having poor foresight on how packed the areas would be on launch.

    That is the number one thing keeping me from playing- It's too packed.




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