Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chasing the Endless Carrot (MMO)

What Makes a Game Worth It to You?
There's so many little things in games that make them unique and enjoyable for us to play. Some games offer more than others. Some require more time. I suppose we are all chasing and an endless carrot on a stick. It comes down to, what are you chasing?

Working Towards Something..  Carrots!
Something I really like about games would be other ways to shape and work on your character besides leveling. I'm not talking about talent points like in WoW. While talent points are nice for shaping a character they are only good as long as the spec is currently being used.

Two things I really like are Alternate Advancement Points (Everquest) and Achievements . I don't like pointless Achievements either. I was a title or something to show off what I did, otherwise.. they are pointless to me. The AA system is something that helps you shape and strengthen your character as you level and gives you something else to work on once you finish leveling. Sure I could go after more gear- that is with any game. I however like to be able to refine and add more to it. Plus once you get those under your belt, you really have a stout character in your hands, which is a very nice feeling.

Han Solo?
I like to solo quite a bit, everyone does these days it seems. However just because you can solo in a game doesn't mean it's worth it or a sign that it really counts later on. Games change quite a bit from start to finish (in terms of levels). 

WoW is one of the easiest games to solo with. In the end, really, the only solo you do at 80 is grinding daily quests..  Or I suppose grinding mobs for gold, but who does that anymore? ZzzzZZzzz....  While other games you crave groups but there's nobody to level with. Are you chasing a carrot that isn't even there?

I like games that offer alternate ways to play: instances, soloing, duo, groups and raiding. Not just the same thing day after day. If I chose to group, fine. If I am not in the mood then I like to be able to get something done still. I like to change things up. In the end are you playing a game that will change dramatically once you hit the top?

Old Gear.. is Old?
One thing that has always bothered me is out-dating gear quickly. The gear you work hard for is trivial, in WoW, several times over before a new expansion comes out. It is simply because there is nothing else to do but chase that carrot for better gear. May it be PvE or PvP. The gear I had in the begenning of WoTLK from raids is now quite bad compared to what I can get from heroics and ICC.

Now, I am not bashing WoW. I am just stating my opinion on how the game works in terms of spreading out content and gear. I would be happier if it was spread out upon a year, with new expansions and content implemented each year.  Not implementing the big bad instance of the expansion- a year after it's been out.

I like games where gear is used and valued at a longer rate. However you have to have more to do besides raiding I suppose. So it's really a hard thing to tune once you get a game rolling at a very rapid rate in terms of gear. People come to expect it. It's a carrot that never is in one's grasp for long.

Care Bear?
I like to work on both of these in some games. Some games I will not touch PvP and some games I will not touch simply because they have open PvP. I like the two separate. I am sorry but there is nothing in the world that can convince me some jerk camping me over and over is fun. Especially if they are multitudes higher in level. I have tried open PvP servers and I will never ever do it again. I have better ways to waste my time.

I like games that offer a reward for an objective or a battleground. Not mercilessly camping people that are trying to level. Don't give me an emote or a pat on the back for PvP.  If there is no reward besides cackling with glee for killing someone. That is one carrot I will not budge for.

Another Day, Another Carrot!
Those are some of my thoughts of what I think is pretty much the endless chase for people. What keeps us going, playing. Some people have different objectives, in the end we get bored and wander away when the carrot seems too far out of reach or becomes one in which we simply don't desire chasing for yet again, we did that yesterday and the day before that.. I often have to ask myself if the carrot I am chasing in certain games is worth it.



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