Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whats New?

Whats new? Anyone doing anything interesting in the gaming scene? Well Allods is going Open Beta Feb-16. That will be something fun to mess around with. I am still not too sure with the open PvP but we will have to see how it goes. For now I am still looking forward to OB! I think I may check out the forums and read up some more until then, to get a better feel for what the game is like higher up.

Everquest is still holding the main slot for my play time. I really am enjoying the Shaman. I need a mount so badly though. It can be rough starting over but it's not really as bad as it sounds, I am tempted to get a LoN mount- ha! I am still saving for spells and a mount, currently EQ is running in trader mode in order to sell some spells I farmed yesterday. I figured if I could sell some, it would help fund my  new character. That is probably one of the best ways to make some money, maybe I will farm some bard/ Rogue masks as well. Those always sell well. However yesterday I went trader for a few hours and nothing sold- I need teh monies!

I went into BoT yesterday to farm some spell parchments, I ended up getting a level but not one parchment. Sable is now 59, and so far she is one tough cookie with her Warrior Merc. Add in Slapjack the Monk (Dire) and his Cleric Merc and things begin to go pretty quick as well as smoothly. So I am pretty happy with this combo. My fancy changes at the drop of the hat, Dire is afraid I will tire of the Shaman. I think it is pretty well rounded to what I want in a character, so it does seem something I will stick with. Currently I am really loving it, with the Tank Merc it's just so laid back and good for leveling.

A good friend from EQ contacted me today, I had been looking around the guild forums for him. It was really nice to hear from him. He asked if we would be interested in EQ2.. Oh what a task that would be to get Dire to try that again. I however think if I had people to play with on a regular basis it could have more lasting power for me as a more played game.

I added in some more holiday events in the February list. And Recently some new screen shots to the growing pile. I was looking for a nice Barbarian Shaman picture on Deviant Art and look what I found.. one I made in 2004 that I forgot about. Heck I even forgot my Deviant Art password! Hope everyone has a great week.

Safe Adventures!


  1. I Love the pic you created its pretty creative!

  2. Aw thanks, it's so old!

  3. You certainly are talented. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I'll have to show this to my daughter. She's a great artist and I'm always encouraging her to draw. I doesn't take much since she enjoys drawing.

    I'm still gaming. I've been playing with my Paladin. I guess she's not so little anymore. She's currently 63. I'm having fun exploring Outland, and I'm actually working on Sporeggar rep (I started that today.) I've created a story with her, just like my other toons, and I'm doing a lot of RP with her in-game. :)

  4. Aw Thanks Pouncie! I always loved to draw and mess around with digital art. I don't do as much these days though. My son takes after me in his love for games- ha. And my daughter loves to draw. She doesn't like computers as much and he doesn't care to draw.

    I've wondered how the Paladin was going, Grats on the levels! Mine is sitting there neglected. I guess I just got bored again :(




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