Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

What type of gamer are you? 
I think I'm one of those who bounces all over the place. While I do like to stick with one to two games I even end up bouncing around on alts. For me it breaks up the monotony. While I enjoy raiding it's been awhile since I did so. I'll level some alts, get a nice break and get back into it again. Not casual but not quite hardcore as of now ;)

Lately I've had a hard time deciding which alt to level up next. I've had a lot of fun on them all. I have a feeling which one I will stick with though. Sometimes I wish I could just stick on one char and get a massive amount of achievements done, I may die of boredom though. So I mix it up, keep myself having fun. Healing mains can cause a burn out for me, so I try not to get to that point. I love healing but I need breaks too.

Last year I played many games. After I raided in WoTLK a bit and hit 80 on several several characters, I needed a break. So I took my adventures to other games, I had a really fun time. However I always end up going back to what I feel the most comfortable with. The newness wears off and I begin to wander away from a game when I find out it's not really a game for me.

I'm not a big PvP person but I will at times. For a mount, or just a change of pace with friends. There are sometimes reasons to bait me in ;) I like to run old instances, heroics or just help friends. I guess I am all over the place. I like to go at my own pace, though I do like a social aspect in my games. Flittering here and there, never in one place for long.

So how about you? What type of gamer are you?



  1. Im a burnt out gamer ;)

    I would say I'm a restless gamer who cant stay in one place for too long or at least have been for the past half a year lol

    Cataclysm will see me settle down no doubt but it seems soooooo far away

  2. We seem to be so much alike gaming wise. I'm all over the place too, recently I've been having fun with my lowbie Orc Shammie (female orcs are my favorite toons to play.) I cannot see myself playing one toon for months at a time, that would drive me nuts so I have to mix it up too.

    I do wish I was on more in the evenings so I could pop on and say 'hello' to you in-game. :) /cry

  3. @Pitrelli- I have been burnt out many, many,many times lol. I sometimes wonder if I'm just running on fumes anymore!

    @Pouncie- When are you mostly on? It is always nice and fun leveling the lowbies. Nice and relaxing yet fun.




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