Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Lately I've been mostly messing around on alts. With Cataclysm on the horizon I've been a bit bored at times. I also want to have a dps class, something I don't heal on. So while my Shaman and Death Knight (DK would be my second DK to 80, turns out I'm not wanting to level another one right now) have been really fun. I've leaned more towards something that doesn't have a tanking or healing spec, which would be my Lock or Hunter. I heal my share and sometimes I want to just get away from that role and just dps. I often see people saying in trade or even read on the net, something along the lines of- You want a healer or tank, go make one! Well I have, now it's my turn to dps!

So Hunter it is. Simply put, she is almost 75 and the closest to 80, so the most obvious choice in terms of getting another to 80 quickly. I don't have to get there fast, I just have to have fun, and for now, it's with the Hunter. I'm sure I'll make it to 80, gear up then decide who to level up next or who I want to start back in raiding with.

So.. I have finally gotten my computer back in business. It's behaving once again, after sitting in the corner and getting poked, prodded, scanned and formatted several times this month from her very impatient owner. I am tough on a computer, I run them into the ground my husband says lol. Hey, I'm a gamer! I do know I need some new ram, my hard drive may need to be replaced soon also. For now lets hope the ol'girl keeps kickin' it awhile longer. *Leans over and pats her*

So while I've been getting it back up and running Dire has been catching up his Mage to the Hunter. We were going to level the DK and Mage but I've not been able to catch up and I've not wanted to hog my sons computer so I decided to just have him catch up to the hunter. His Mage is currently 71.

When I have had time to play I've been PvPing. I don't really like to PvP all the time, I'm not the best. I do, however, try my best. I noticed last week I just needed ten more Ab and WSG tokens. So I decided to get those this week and grab a PvP mount- Battlestrider. I love it! I've never had one so I think it's the 'bee's knees' heh. I now have one of every Alliance mount on her. Yay ;)

I did a bit of PvP in BC with the Hunter, so it wasn't much new. I even had my old gladiator gear which I stuck on, not that it made much of a difference. I have donned WSG 'Capture the Middle'.. everyone thinks the point is to fight in the middle. AB is 'All our bases must be unattended', nobody ever likes to be on defense. Lets leave the flag room or the mine wide open and go fight. I end up on defense a lot, getting my tail handed to me by a giant zerg. Oh, It's just me and the botter here in the flag room, we have it covered! *SPLAT*... I have decided, no.. remembered rather.. I absolutely hate WSG. Majority of the players have no idea what is going on. All the action is in the middle, right?

I did have some fun games, I kicked some butt at times or got it handed to me others. I ran the flag on my Druid a few times trying it out on her, then I decided I must have a neon sign over my head to be ganged up on by everyone in the BG.. oh yeah I'm a healer. Tree Form.. I don't use it while healing in the background, it's like drawing flies to honey. I detest Tree Form while in BG's, simply because I cannot do anything except heal and attract the flies. The Druid is the only healer that changes form attracting other players to go after you.  I did carry some flags which was fun. There are other BG's I do enjoy healing in though. I'm not so jaded on healing in PvP as I may sound!

Needless to say I enjoyed PvP on the Hunter more and once I got all my tokens I went to get my sparkly new mount. I don't know if I will PvP anymore until 80, I've had enough for now.

So that's what I have been up to. Till' next time!

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