Monday, January 11, 2010

Ol' Faithful

I've decided my computer hates me. Ok, maybe it doesn't hate me but soon I'm going to be up for a new one. While it's still a good machine it's giving me a lot of trouble this week,  I've had to play 'Doctor' trying to figure out what ails my machine. Right now I'm letting it sit across the room while write on my sons trusty ol' machine. Chugging along after ten years, it seems to spitefully whirl as if showing the newer flashy computer it's still got it going on. I'll let mine sit there and reflect on it's behavior! Maybe I should put it in the corner? It 'glares' across the room at me, her case reads 'Beauty' across the front, she is such a drama queen this week.

Surprisingly the old one still plays WoW fine. The video card is one I replaced.. hrmm five years ago. I remember my son running to me, upset that his computer screen was a mass of lines and blips. After changing out the card, his trusty ol' machine was running better than ever it seemed. He complains to me how badly Dalaran is on this one these days. After playing on it last night it seems to me he has made it out to be worse than it was. I won't say it's a joy ride, however it functions as it should.

That brings me to my thoughts of how I was glad WoW still ran decently on an old machine. If I had been playing EQ2 still there would be no way I'd have been able to log on with an older computer. Or one of those flashy new games, I'd be out of luck. Or rather- My ol' man would be giving up his seat at his computer- ha!

So that is what I will be up to today.. and probably part of tomorrow. There are several things that could be wrong with it, while I do have it back up and running- I want to make sure it stays that way. So I am thankful today for this old computer that keeps on chugging. In the last five years it's needed a new video card, a NIC card and received a bigger HD more recently. .. he was playing with 10 gigs for the longest time!
So when the time comes for my son to get my computer, I think I'll hold on to this old faithful computer, it's served us well. I've had several computers since we used this one, one blew sparks at me in a final good bye, while this one keeps on passing them by. Oh I welcome the day that I get a new computer! 


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