Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bear Hunting (WoW)

I haven't had much time to play lately. My computer had some problems and I've had to spend a lot of time working on it the last few days. It's back up and running now, so I'm once again a happy camper. I also got a hold of some great books for Christmas and took some time to read while installing and patching things.

Recently my brother has been playing his Hunter and I've been giving him tips on pets and overall class info. While we were on the topic of pets I decided to check for the rare Spirit Beast, Arcturis. He is lvl 74 and roams on the path just outside of  Amberpine Lodge between the path and the river.

I wasn't up for a long camp and flew around a bit came back and there he was! With the help of a freezing trap he didn't get a chance to do much damage (elite) and was tamed easily. All in about the span of five minutes, I consider myself pretty lucky after reading how long some people camped him. I was very excited, I am a sucker for rare pets. While he is only available to me in the bst spec I do have my ghost wolf for my marks spec. He is one pretty bear :) I named him Teddy.  I'm thinking about messing around on the Hunter some more in the future.

My Death Knight is now 64 and very fun. She can solo anything for now, which is really a nice advantage. I would like to get dual spec for her but I'll have to see who I end up playing first. The Warlock has been rather neglected. For now I may just let her gather some rested.

I haven't had time to do much on the Druid but I do need a break from Heroics at times. Leveling is a nice change from that. I still log her in for this or that, so she isn't as forgotten as it may seem, just not much to talk about with her.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. Oh congrats on the bear, it's beautiful. I started seeing those last week and have been thinking about picking it up on my Hunter. I hve Uhk'loc, and Loq (both of those stories are similar to yours, in fact I wrote about capturing and taming Loque'nahak on my blog.

    I popped on Silvermoon a few times last week but didn't see you. I'll try to hop on again this week. I haven't been playing as much, busy in the real world.

    I bought my daughter two guinea pigs for Christmas so we are bombarded with cuteness (from them and my daughter, oh and our doggies too.)
    I have to capture a picture of them and post on my blog. My Shih Tzu, loves them and has been cuddling and licking them. I don't think they like his doggie licks. ;)

  2. Uhmm... Divina is Pouncealot, sorry about that! :) /blush

  3. Aw Guini Pigs! My son has 2 Rats, he loves them to pieces! They require a lot of attention though. I never thought I'd be cuddling little rats haha. BUT that's what he wanted when he turned 13 lol.

    As for me being on, I should add you into my bank guild LOL. I currently have all my alliance chars in there, (my brother and husband's are too atm),so you would see who I was on as. I am normally on Clo or Anorexia if not on the Druid.

    Uhk'loc is one of my faves, he is sitting in the stables hehe. I had to get the bear! I think my favorite is the ghost wolf, it is one I use mainly.

    Sorry I missed you when you logged on, I have been on and off sporadicly as my PC has been giving me problems ugh. Glad we have three!

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