Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leave My Queue!

Sometimes when I join the LFD system in WoW I get a group and here we all go,ready check time! Oops.. did someone afk? Oh noes, get back in line! Very annoying when I am playing as DPS. It happens when I am healing, though I get another group just as quickly. As DPS it can be another bit of a wait.

Why bother joining if you're not up for the wait. People who queue and go afk, or whatever it is they do, should get a debuff- just the same as deserter. Not the biggest deal in the world but it's quite aggravating some days.Tonight it happened six times in a row. Come on people, stop wasting my time!

I've been playing the Paladin some lately, it's a nice change from healing in heroics. Holy was my main spec but having geared Resto Druid makes it a bit pointless to have another healer. So I am slowly working on more gear for the Paladin. My Ret set is pretty far behind, though I did manage to get the T9 shoulders last night.

It has been fun not worrying about healing the group. I try to push my dps as well as I can, stay out of the bad stuff on the ground and all that jazz. The wait times are a good deal longer now playing on this one but it was to be expected.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and may your queues be short!

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