Monday, January 18, 2010

Boom Boom Boom!

As long as I've been playing MMORPGs there have always been classes with distinction. In Everquest I picked a class and had a role. Some of the hybrid classes could do more than one thing such as a Druid healing or a Beastlord slowing, instead of just dps. However you never had to respec to do so, switch your gear out to be able to preform better. And.. when you can't find a healer or tank, you don't have to fill that role even if you don't want to. You pull out your merc to do the dirty work for you. There was a feeling of working as a group.

I'm not saying that is a perfect gaming world there. It has it's flaws of course. It just seems in WoW lately the lines almost blend together. DPS? It's all the same. It doesn't matter what you play to dps, it just depends on how you want to. Healing? Each healer can preform well, some better in certain aspects than others, they can all heal groups fine. Tanks.. eh hrmm. They all tank very well. Let's just say two classes are much easier at AoE tanking than the others. With the lack of needing any CC in heroics, they should all have easy AoE threat IMO.

So there are no roles besides Tank Healer and DPS anymore. I don't exactly miss the days where we needed CC, so I don't actually know where to point the 'blame'. I do miss the classes having more definition. I am starting to find that as a DPS class, it just feels like a race to the top of the chart. There are no longer needs for pullers other than the tank, no need for sheeping or trapping. Just Boom Boom Boom! Lets race through the instance! Lets race for DPS! Some days I get really burnt out with all this racing.

Raiding is a bit different, it's also a bigger race in some ways. While currently I don't raid- maybe that's part of  it- the group scene feels sort of boring lately as dps. If I am healing, it's just a race to keep them alive. Not hard at all as a Druid. I do feel for healers just starting out though.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like more of a fast paced linear feel to a game? Or do you prefer more definition to classes? Just some thoughts as I've been merely playing DPS more than heals lately. It's definitely a transition for me- I thought it would be more relaxing than it actually is.



  1. Fast pace is nice, but I still enjoy the CC abilities too. I'm so glad they are bringing that back with the newer heroics. I haven't been in there since they nerfed it, but was able to go in there with Pouncie, and a few of my other toons, about a week before the nerf. I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. I do enjoy fast paced too. I guess I sort of miss those old days of running LRBS, UBRS, Strat, Scholo.. all that. Just fun runs, laid back.

    It wasn't so fast paced then. But faster means more lewt so that's good too =p

    I'm sort of torn I suppose.




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