Friday, January 8, 2010


I read a lot of blogs, sometimes I have more time to do so than others. I have noticed lately that some people are complaining about the new Dungeon System in WoW. The biggest complaint is the animosity and the impact on being social. I've been one to complain about it to an extent, I don't knock it's efficiency though. I try to keep in mind, whith the good comes the bad.

While some people may say nothing, you may never see them again, how often did you care about the groups you had in the past with the old LFG system or from the trade channel? Honestly at 80 I didn't often meet nice players, thinking back on this, I often met just as many jerks as I do now. LFG with my dps characters was actually much worse than it is now. I couldn't even find a group even on a healer and tank combo at any hour, day or night, I can now. I can actually find groups late night for a change.

There are guilds we can join to have a more social environment. I do remember not being able to do all guild runs because a tank wasn't on, which was annoying. So we spammed trade forever trying to find one. Now you queue up, one is assigned to you. Isn't that nice?

Instead of sitting in a city looking for the group to form up, it's automated for us. Groups are handed out on a silver platter, you get rewards on top of  having a group formed, gold and emblems. Yet we still complain. If it's such a horrible system there is always the option to make your own groups or do guild only runs.

I'm not saying it's prefect. There are still kinks that need smoothing out. But it's the easiest I've ever had to getting groups and I enjoy getting groups fast. While I do miss the social aspect, it was never that great in WoW to begin with.  So what really are we missing out on? 



  1. Good valid points here!
    love the pic too btw!

  2. Excellent post as usual, and you are so right.

    For example, Yesterday I was able to do two Dungeons with my lowbie shammie (she's 15 atm).

    I was so thankful for the Dungeon Tool. Before the Dungeon Finder, It took a lot longer for me to round up an at level group. :)

  3. Thank you :)

    I know, it use to be so hard to find a group on alts, it really is a nice tool especially since you can access a wider range of people with the cross servers.

    I skipped quite a lot on some of my chars because nobody was lfg on my server :(




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