Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working as Intended...

 And so the new instances were released, the people ran off to seek new lore and 'phat epic lewts'. Heroes fought bravely against new foes in seek of great rewards and promise of harder adventures. And then.. the asshats came and ruined all the fun.

The new instances are fun, until you meet a jerk who decided- since they are not on your server- they can be greedy. For the most part the instances have been fun. I have had some trouble. The attitude I find is- You're not on my server, so I can be a jerk to you. Well, asshat you're in my Battle Group and I'll be damned if I heal you again. I'm not here to help gear your off spec.

Tonight I did go out of the way to ask people to let me greed on any cloth nobody else needed if it was good for healing (only a mage who out geared be my far), still they all pick DE. Great, I can't even trade it. Ok, no big deal. A really nice healing cape drops, tank rolls wins it and tells me "Oh well", he has over 40k hp so obviously he's well geared to tank. He wants to tank, he has taken time to gear up for it. He tells me holy is his main spec. Well you didn't join as holy. I passed on leather I could have used for feral. "Oh well"..

So with good changes come bad attitudes. The group wanted to do another instance. I left, let them find another healer. This new loot system is working as intended? People will be greedy any way they can. I am pretty put off because of the attitude. It just ruins the fun. With the new looting mechanics people will still go out of their way to be greedy. Nothing will change that.

/rant off...

There are some really nice items for people who are trying to gear up for heroics, in the new regular instances. I got a hold an awesome staff and a ring so far. I had planned to rave on how much fun I was having until I ran into a few rude players, I won't go into detail on the rest. Now I just get to wait on my tank to get home so it will be one less random idiot to deal with when he has a spot in the group.

That's it for now. I don't have anything nice to say... *mad face*


  1. Ohhh rudeness is so prevelant everywhere period! On the roads and the greedy impatience of people. Of course I do get impatient but here in our big city it just blows one away!
    Sad... but tommorows another day and the sun shines again thank God for that :)

  2. PS I WANT that bookcase lol! grrrrr

  3. I'm curious. If you had to compare how often this happens in WoW to how often it happened in EQ, which would come out on top? Also, the times this may have happened to you in EQ, were they more or less infuriating than in WoW?

  4. @Janet Yeah I actually had a better time the next time I logged in :) You need a bookcase for Christmas lol.

    @skhurd You have more people in WoW than eq now. So it's more prone to happen.

    The community is closer (for the most part) in EQ. Add battle Groups to instances in WoW and you get the internet 'you can't touch me' attitude I guess.

    To answer your question, WoW.. just because when you have so many people you get a lot of jerks too.

    I've had many people make me just as mad in EQ. As of lately not so much. You still find jerks, trust me in the past two years I've managed to find them in EQ also. When BoT was a hot zone I remember being trained on and off for an hour. Someone did it for fun, trying to kill every group.

    Not so much though. What you have are attention seekers spamming the auction channel instead lol.




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