Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working as Intended: Part 2

                                          It's Arthas, run!!

I probably shouldn't write a post when I get riled up over some jerk in-game. I guess sometimes it's the straw that broke the camel's back. It's not the fact that someone won something I wanted, it's how they treated me. Ninja looting? You could call it that. So I was a bit upset to begin with Blizzard acting as if they had such a grand, fool proof way of looting now, yet the jerks still come out on top sometimes. Sure I'll get other things, you just have to move on when it happens.

I did that. I decided to wait until Dire got home to do any more groups. As a tank and healer we get groups very quickly. The rest of the night was nice. The guy is a wonderful tank, I don't have to worry about stupidity. He really tries hard and I don't have to worry. Our groups were fun. He found some nice upgrades and got some emblems to work towards more taking gear for heroics. It's much harder to start off in heroics as a tank and healer than dps. I am waiting on him because I would prefer to start them off on a good foot.

I'm use to playing the Paladin and doing heroics, raids and not worrying about gear needing upgrades to do current content (though his has fallen behind some). So starting over is a learning experience. The Druid healer is really my favorite now. In all of our groups since 80 we've only had one death (Paladin trying to off tank something and running off wasting my mana.. sorry Pally you're going to have to eat a death). It's been less stress as a healer compared to the Paladin and Priest at 80. While the Paladin was an awesome tank healer, groups that took large amounts of damage could be nerve wracking. The Priest was just not as smooth as the Druid in my eyes. I love hots. So many hots!

So after my 'meh' groups I waited around for him. Things went better. We are going to have to find a new guild soon. One we can do more with. We will look around before long. I'm just waiting to gear up a bit more. I have a few items that really need to be upgraded badly. He still needs a few too.

In a game so large, we are on a heavily populated server, introduce Battle Groups to the mix and you do get a bit more petty behavior. I guess you have to roll with the punches sometimes. I did end up getting the cloak the tank won in the earlier group, in a group later with Dire. So all ended well. I got a few more upgrades too. I was pretty happy when I logged off, it turned out to be a decent night.

I'm only human, I have a temper I try to keep a leash on. Sometimes dealing with jerks overloads my 'rage bar' heh. Do you get mad or just try not to let rude players push your buttons? I know we all as gamers have to deal with it sometimes. It's the MMO part, you take the good with the bad. I'm just a no B.S. person. I try to be fair and honest. I expect others to do so in return in every situation.

We had a good player last night who ended up going LD once. One member voted to kick him. I figured he would be back as he was a really nice helpful player. He indeed came back. Three of us had voted not to kick him, he said he appreciated it, we ended up doing a few instances. I wonder how many peole get kicked b/c impatient players can't deal with an occasional disconnect? I always don't mind waiting a few min on someone. The player who voted him out was the one who kept running ahead of the tank, tried offtanking adds for no reason, wasted my mana in general. They were nice but sort of childish. Should we have voted to kick them? It wasn't that big of a deal to us. I'm sure it will happen a lot with the new system.

So bear with me as I work towards my goals, sometimes I rant sometimes I rave. Forgive me if I seem like I am writing a 'meme'. It's sometimes hard going backwards and starting over. I enjoy the Druid too much to not stick with it though.

Best of luck to all in your own pug adventures! 
*Listens to some soothing Enya*


  1. Yeah at times you cannot avoid the selfish people, eh? In real life and the virtual world.

    I've had a few bad PUGs, one was a DK tank and yes I'll be naming his name and the other was me. Well it was bad because I got DC'd twice as a healer. I felt so bad /cry. In that group I did get kicked but without the ability to communicate, and not knowing me. I'm not surprised that happened. It took me over five minutes to get back on. There was a Druid in the group that was dual spe (tankd and resto) so I imagine they went Resto and just picked up a DPS.

    I hate that we cannot whisper people when in a group. You can do it in BG's. I think it's just another way to get to know people you like more.

    I figured it was time to create another Druid since with my Priests Holy spec I talented into Renew, even glyphed for it. That was my HOT and I used it a lot. :)

    Congrats on getting the cloak! /cheer

  2. I've had days like that where I have dc problems. It happens, if they want to replace me fine. I can always find another group.

    You can whisper the people in a group as long as you are in the instance. If you're not then it won't go through. But yeah maybe that's what you meant, Cross server tells. Everquest has that available it's rather cool.

  3. Today really made me mad. We were doing all three new heroics and the deal me and a friend made was I tank the first two, and he tanks the last one. As a warrior I don't like tanking HoR. We end up wiping alot on the waves of mobs because the mage in the group didn't de-curse the curses of people. He ends of leaving after a bit. We pick up a fury warrior. Now we have no one to de-curse or cure poison. After a few wipe the healer had to leave, so as soon as we got another one I swapped to my druid. With the new healer and me de-cursing/curing poison we didn't wipe once until we got to the Wraith of the Lich King event. We get to the last ice wall (fury warrior died a couple of times), and not knowing this at the time, the healer would build up to much healing aggro on the second and third waves that one AoE wasn't enough to grab them. So the healer dies. We tried this a couple of times, same thing happens. Finally the Death Knight tells me over vent that he just couldn't handle that many mobs. So I hop back on the warrior, and try it. Same thing happens, mobs get alot of healer aggro and poof. Then on the second attempt we barely got the mobs down before the Lich King killed Jaina. We get to the Airship and the fury warrior starts jumping mine and the dk's case, saying that we need to learn how to tank, and that we were scrubs and a waste of space. Calling me a liar when I told him warriors have the worst AoE threat generation. I don't know why but he really just pissed me off.

    /end rant

    But yeah, we all have to deal with asshats every once in a while. I just hop on my under-geared mage and out dps people in random heroics. Living bomb ftw?
    Never let people get you down. ^_^

  4. @ Ninjazombie Yeah my warrior complains about aoe threat compared to other tanks. He really likes the class a lot though so he sticks with it. He could always transfer his pally to Alliance. But we needed a break from the Pally duo.

    That event is rough, I've yet to do it on heroic so I can only imagine. Pugging it only makes it worse.

    I've met so many asshats I decided to make a list by server and name. I will remember who not to group with heh. Call me silly, but I'm not stupid enough to heal for a jerk again.




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