Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Impressions: Dungeon Finder (WoW)

                             Nyomi says,"I pity the fool!"

I had a chance to try out some of the new implements of 3.3 yesterday and get a feeling for the new Dungeon Finder system. I've not had a chance to do the new instances yet but I plan on trying them out today. In the last major content patch I was in a guild running the new instance (ToC) and raid the day it came up. This time around I am still in the gearing up process for heroics.

So far the new Dungeon Finder is great. It felt like the best thing since sliced bread. It really breathes new life into Pugs for sure. We did the random Lich King Dungeon twice. It was instant finding a group last night. So far it looks great. So instead of doing a specific instance it pools you in with others that might need a specific one or just other random instances. Sure it might slow down some but getting a group at the odd hours we play instantly.. that was just awesome. We pondered going dps some because we saw so many (dps spec) people in our guild getting achievements the whole time we were on heh.

The new quest helper is really nice too. It's nice to see it in the game. I'm not one for running blindly for quests, wasting time.  I don't like having to look up things on a wiki to know what to do. I am glad to see WoW improving things like this. I used carbonite for so long that it feels odd not having it on.

Rolling... It still bothers me you can only need on your own armor proficiency. A hunter needed some leather shoulders I won on greed and I traded them to him before we left since he wanted them. It shouldn't have to be so annoying. The DE button is kind of pointless. Oh you can only use if you have an enchanter in the group. Why even bother then. I was still unclear on how it worked until I had a chance to see it, I had thought it worked differently.

On another note I am much better than I remember being for the argent mounted daily quests. I remember hating them with a passion. They now feel quite easy. I ended up getting my 25 tokens and a new dagger for healing. I made sure to get Dire rolling on them so we can do Chillmaw together. Now I don't ever have to worry about having help killing him.

So those are my first impressions getting to try some of the new "toys" out. I hear there are some nice items in the new dungeons (duh). So I want to get in there and check them out. I need to go update my Atlas Loot. I am feeling quite sick today. Off to hunt for my Pepto.

Have fun all, may all your lewt be phat wherever you are gaming!


  1. The DE change has two effects; one good, one bad. The good was is to make DE more convenient. The bad is to force enchanters to DE the few times they wouldn't have.

    DE is the same priority as greed, so it's effectively rolling greed but if you win it is DEd.

    So far I really like the new LFG. As a tank I get groups pretty much instantly. The only things slowing it down are the speed at which players click buttons and lag.

  2. Yeah I saw how it worked once I was in the instance. It just seems kind of pointless to me.

    I have an enchanter and it was always pretty simple to hand out shards. I suppose this just cuts that out.

    The part that bothers me is, maybe my druid could use that cloth item.. Oh darn, someone else won it with greed and it was de'd.

    Yeah as a healer it's been pretty fast getting a group I really like the changes for the most part!




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