Friday, December 11, 2009

If you could go back... (MMO)

Today has been very busy. My Step Father is in ICU tonight due to a blocked artery. Today he had a stint and heart cath done. Looks like he is going to be fine, just glad it was caught in time. I'm also not feeling too well, I am wondering if I have something wrong with my stomach.  Anyhow while I have a little bit of time this evening I thought I'd borrow my brother's laptop.

A cat monkey just jumped into my lap...Sorry, had to re-situate. Boo decided she wanted to help write today's post and attacked my lap. She says hello to all the readers, the attention hog she is. Mo, the wonder pug faithfully sits at my feet, he wants to know if anyone has any food he can have.

 I'm not going to go on tonight about 3.3 and the fun or adventures I'm having. Instead I thought I'd ask you readers a fun question. If you could go back to your first MMO game with the knowledge you have now, do you think you would still like it as much? Would you still be nostalgic for that game? Even if you've only played one game, it's still valid. Games change, mechanics, classes.. they all change at some point even in small ways.

Would that once loved game and fond memories still be as cherished? Would you even enjoy the game as much? By knowledge I mean; how things work, a sense of understanding and seeing what is possible compared to years ago.

I still go back to my first game on occasion, Everquest. For me this is a big big stretch of years. I love revisiting old places, playing those classes I loved. I don't end up staying as long as I intend, a few months max. I think seeing what is out there now and how much easier game play can be makes me come back to my current games. When I say easier I mean, no corpse runs, things like  no need for crowd control and instances galore. Then again this game has evolved so much these are minimal problems even now.

Sometimes I do think some of those harsher penalties made people not act so frivolous in groups. They didn't do as many stupid things. Nobody wanted a corpse run or to lose xp. People were more prone to think things through and work together as a group. However playing the game recently I have run across stupid people still. Clerics who never bought a rez spell.. yes I am serious, this is 60+ also. Warriors who couldn't tank and got mad when I wouldn't as a dps class.. I could go on and on.

I think now on the new LFG system WoW has and marvel at how fast it is getting a group. I remember waiting ages for a group in EQ. You put aside time just to find one. Everything now is at our fingertips. Are we better off for it? Does it still feel as epic? Do you still have as much fun?

I like the ease of things now certainly, while I love to remember my first game nostalgically. Even that game isn't the same game it was in 1999. There is always a page full of requests for a classic server on the EQ forums. Given the chance to go back to that type of play, would people still have as much fun?

So how about you? Are you having more fun than ever or do you sometimes miss those good ol' days? Just some things I've pondered over here and there. May your adventures be fun wherever you find yourself!

Video is Conquest in Sleepers Tomb. Song- Torn Skin by Wumpscut. It so rocks!
Second Video is Rogue Best of the Best 2000. I think everyone knows the song ;)


  1. Knowing what I do now makes me appreciate what EQ was so much more. I understand the appeal of a quick fix, but there's nothing "epic" about WoW or anything really that is possible within it.

    The EPIC 1.0 quests were just that (excluding the Rogue, obviously). Most of the longest friendships gained and maintained for years that weren't people I knew personally were those I met working on those quests.

    And nothing has given me a sense of accomplishment like EQ. Granted, camping so many hours (more than I'd like to admit) was grueling and I feel asleep at the keyboard during many of them, I wouldn't change those experiences for anything.

    The only thing I would have changed were corpse runs and even those I wouldn't change dramatically. All of these things made the game was it was. As you said, these elements forced people to think not only about how they approached encounters but other people as well.

    To this day, I don't think there will ever be an elitism like EQ elitism and I don't mean in a bad way. We earned the right to feel somewhat superior in this genre. We sacrified greatly for our game and we loved every minute of it.

  2. Sometimes I do miss EQ. It was after all my first MMO. It was so fun exploring stuff in a MMO. Nothing like being a warrior and getting your butt kicked by a willow wisp because you didn't know you had to use magic.

    WoW has done a good job so far, don't get me wrong, but if EQ ever become as easy as WoW is I would jump ship in a heartbeat.

  3. @Skhurd
    Very Nicely said. It was somehow easier to make lasting friendships.

    The year before last I did the Bst 1.0 then the Cleric 1.0 (again) We got the Mage the 1.0 and the 2.5 (husband) did most the work on that. It was nice. The bst 1.0 I solo'd all of it with 3 characters boxed lol. You can see them in my screen shots. Nothing as epic as it once was. It was fun though.

    It's easier than it ever was. LOL I remember those days, why can't I hurt this?!!

    They added in mercs, so you can have a healer follow you around for a small fee.

    It's not as easy as WoW, but easier than ever, for sure.




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