Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Up and Running Again...

Last night I spent a while 'tinkering' with my machine and found out it was a bad stick of RAM that was causing my problems. The upside is I didn't have to format. It's running fine now. So I am thankful for that at least, one of these days I am going to just wipe it clean, not yet... too much to do for now lol.

My son has my husband's old computer, It really is old. One of us needs to get a new one so he can have a better one handed down! He can play WoW on it, things like that but he cannot play Free Realms. So last night he heard Free Realms has checkers and chess and he wanted to play those. He loves chess. So most of the evening I spent watching him play as he loves me to watch. He played checkers, chess and some racing games. It's such a great kids game. Soon it will go to the PS3.. so he will have his chance to play it all he likes when that comes out.

Later in the evening I did a couple of heroics with Dire. He was very happy to know I had my machine up and running. He said he was scared of what he might have came home to find ha! Some enraged banshee perhaps?

I've gotten a few more upgrades with the Druid. Groups have been nice for the most part. We had a Shadow Priest last night spam the damage meter saying he was doing way more than he was and the Paladin in the group started feeling bad. Funny thing was the Priest was actually doing less than the Tank (who was second on the meter with a tad over 2kdps, on some boss fights on top for damage.. yikes!). The Priest was actually last on the list. So then the spamming of recount went across the chat window every so often, which ended up with one of us re-posting to correct his error. Reset your recount before you join a group.. He was an all around annoyance, insulting the Paladin telling the tank to pull bigger groups so his dps would be 'awesome'. Sometimes you hate healing people like that, but you just have to take it in your stride.

I got some crusader orbs for my tank to get some really nice crafted bracers, he was pretty happy about that. He is now working on a better DPS set also. I still have a few more things to get then I will work more so on a dps set. Both actually, I want one for all three specs. Imagine that.. how one changes as the game changes.  We shall see how that comes along.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week!

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  1. I know they were having a problem with Recounts where it would show people having a lower score than they really did. Cross realms seemed to have affected that. Not saying that was the case in his instance, but I know in a few groups I've been in the DPS was insanely low even though they were doing a lot of damage, come to find out cross realms recount wasn't recording their damage accurately.




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