Monday, December 21, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Last night I decided to do something a little different, run some old heroics for achievements. Dire was up for it so we ended up getting a few knocked out. It was a nice change of pace, I had some funny screen shots to share. However my machine wants to be stubborn today and not boot up... so it looks like I will be formatting it this evening. Then I get to do the lovely task of putting everything back on it.

I've been lazy and didn't back up a lot of family photos, just stuff in general I didn't want to lose. So I will lose a lot of stuff , I let my son keep my burner on his machine. I need to switch those out while I'm at it tonight. I am currently in one location and my cd's are in another. What a wonderful day!

Anyhow as you can see in the pic I ended up getting the White Hawkstrider from our heroic MGT run. Dire was so nice to pass since he knew how badly I wanted it!

 So that's what I will be up to this evening. I dread reinstaling and patching WoW.. Wish me luck heh.

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