Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My MMO Wish List!

Ok, I already have one... still there's other things a girl can want besides a Warrior. Right?   
Currently I'm playing two different games (again) which seems a trend for me these days. I was pondering over the question, why do I need two different games to keep me satisfied.. I suppose I don't really need two. One is a cheap little game I can sub to or chose not to if I don't feel like it. It all comes down to covering bases.

One game offers all the combat and in depth game play orbiting around this type of play. The other offers tons of fluff and just so many other things to do while I'm on. One offers more high end and social dependence on game play higher up, while the other it doesn't matter what I do high end as there really is none. One I am harnessed with race and class choices and the option of alts. The other... has no needs for alts. One requires the holy trinity, the other I can solo anything on.

I suppose I am spoiled by one aspect of simplicity and another aspect of depth. I honestly just want one game that covers it all. Simplicity might not be the best description for this, maybe less complication on choices of picking what I want to do.

There is no perfect game. Even if I thought one was perfect someone else would complain about it. Which leads me to my Christmas wish list for what my perfect game would offer!

My perfect game would include:

Grouping- Grouping in WoW is almost perfect with the new system, it offers incentive all the while keeping the group aspect alive and kicking. This would be a must.

Solo- Everyone likes to solo sometimes, some lesser incentive. Dailies can cover this but maybe some short fun objectives that don't requite crossing the world to complete? Such as instanced soloing for those with shorter play times. OMG you killed Chillmaw, we were here first.. ugh.

Fluff- Mounts, housing, and pets.. all that cool stuff. I am a fluff freak. Armor Dyes (Black and white are a must have!), Appearance slots, I want to look unique when I feel like it, not like everyone else in the same tier armor!

Raiding- A solid game is nothing without raiding. If you don't agree, well you can have a cookie for consolation, sorry.

PvP- While I don't  PvP much these days I would like to see that others are happy too. A PvP server with different rule-sets. While spells may get nerfed in PvP it would have to stay within in the PvP servers not to affect PvE play. Stop changing my classes to affect PvP!!

Nonexistent Faction Barriers- I do not enjoy playing on a faction and being cut off from friends on the other side. This has to be the most limiting idea ever. Did you ever think that maybe LFG in WoW may not have been so dead if both sides could group together? Now I get to group with random servers because even though my server is a high pop, I can't group with half of it? Pure Genius!

Race Class Combos- I want to be X race as Y class. The lore prohibits that. Get out of here.. I want to be what race and class I want to be. If I wanted rules out the wazoo I'd go play some D&D. 

Illusions- This stems from EQ, one of the most fun fluff things would be illusions. While I would love a game that offers more, I also want the option to hide them from everyone, myself included. Some days in WoW I get sick of looking at Tree Form.

Tradeskills- More in-depth  reasons to sit and play around with these. I love fishing, give me more reasons to fish!

Some things that I would want, off the top of my head. How about you, what would your wish list include? Hope I've not been too naughty this year and Santa is listening...



  1. That is such a GREAT picture!!!! WOW ...xx

  2. Hey great list, I'm not much for raiding but I have a lot of buddies who like it. I definitely wouldn't want to be on a PvP only server. I have a lot of buddies on all my servers that don't PvP. I do think something should be done though. Similar to dual specs, if you are going to PvP you are forced to swap to a PvP spec. Naturally mechanics wold work differently with that spec enabled.

  3. @Pouncealot- Theres always a fine line between PvE and PvP. It just seems the line is constantly crossed. It's not my biggest issue with games though.

    Maybe PvP areas where spell mechanics behaved differently would be more in tune with keeping that line more pronounced.




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