Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Two' much fun with patches... (WoW, FR)

Last night Dire wasn't feeling well so we only did a couple of heroics before he fell asleep. Plus I was out a bit trying to find my son a last Christmas Present we really want to get him. I still have some hunting around to do for it this evening. We got a couple of pretty easy randoms in WoW though, when we logged in.

I always have recount going. It's been a habit since I played a dps class, I've always liked to keep tabs on how my output is going. I notice myself still keeping an eye on it. While hating to sound elitist, I never post it if not asked. However, some of these people should not be doing heroics. I had the urge to spam it last night just because I was annoyed two of our members were not doing even 1k dps. Dk and a Lock.They pulled adds, stood in the yucky stuff all the annoying stuff dps can do. As a healer when I dps (rarely but once in awhile I like to), I feel bad that I only push out 2k with the set I have. Here they are not even trying. Or maybe they fell asleep? Heh...

Dire and I took time to make sure we could handle the heroics before we set foot into any. Here we have people in greens, not even trying, whatever the case may be. Basically piggybacking a heroic off us and the one dps pushing all he had. Must be nice.

I suppose it bothers me more since we had to try harder to get where we are. We busted our tails to gear up to be able to fill our roles properly. Does this ever bother you? Granted it's easier to get gear now than ever, they are just using heroics as an easy way right off the bat. We ran regular instances to gear up first.

All in all it was a good night, I'm just 'thinking out loud'. Thanks for 'listening' ;) When he logged off I decided to hop onto Free Realms to mess around with the new features. I am trying not to burn out on heroics in WoW as that's all I do anymore. So this helps out in that area.

I poked into the forums for a bit first and it was a massive cry fest over the revamp of the combat system. How can I say this lightly... Combat in Free Realms has always been a snore fest.  Now I can just get through it easier. These people are crying over a combat system in a game called Free Realms. If they are looking for a game with a staple being combat they are surely playing the wrong game. The beauty of FR is that you don't have to go around killing things when you play. It's such a relaxing game, there are so many things to do as well as combat. Seriously, what do they expect from a family oriented game? Hard core group content? I think this update has been fantastic personally.

I got a few levels on my combat classes, trying for some gear out of the holiday 'instance'. Won a few nifty items. It seemed that xp went by much faster, I am all for that. I couldn't find any cash shop weapons listed, I am wondering if they removed them. If so, I am glad my ninja has a weapon from it. She does insane damage compared to my other characters. I pulled the whole instance and killed every mob with a couple of abilities.

I ended up getting my membership back and received a nice little house! My pets roam around the yard which is really nice, when they are not with me they are roaming free at home. How cute! My house barely has anything in it, I do find myself porting there to get away from people when I am looking for something or deciding what to do next. It's nice and quiet.

The new pets are really awesome. I see a lot of people with dragons, they are pretty, they just don't seem as cool to me, maybe cause I have whelps in WoW already. I do like the ponies (what other game offers pony pets!) and dinosaurs are pretty sweet. The FR team did a beautiful job on them all.

I've had a lot of fun in general being back and it also gives me a chance to breathe from WoW so I don't get burnt out soon. So once again I'll leave you with some screen shots! Hope you are having a blast as I am, wherever you find yourself gaming. If your not gaming.. well what are you waiting on! Just kidding.



Till next time.

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