Friday, December 18, 2009

<3 my Pug (WoW)

If you can't tell from the pic above, I finally got my Perky Pug! I've been kind of slow in grouping the last couple of days. I've been messing around in Free Realms and just waiting on Dire to tank when he's on. I noticed last night that we needed to do three more groups for me to get this little baby. I sat laughing at my little pug after I got him, with Dire looking at me like I had lost it. He's just so cute! I named him Gizmo, after the real one ;)

I also noticed I have 80+ emblems sitting there that I need to spend. Upgrades today! It's nice playing a class again I feel so "in my skin" with. I just enjoy it all around. Resto suits me perfectly, healing is much more fun than it's been in years. I wonder why I quit on the Druid so long ago.

I'm thinking of changing my off-spec, for awhile, to feral. I want to run some old dungeons for achievements. Feral is much smoother for doing so. I've gotten a lot of nice feral gear from heroics that nobody has needed. It's been piling up so fast I only need a cape and a necklace now. I don't think I would want to dps as feral, I may try it out. As far as that role goes I enjoy Boomkin more so to do damage. However I like that I can have three very different specs I can utilize with this class. I suppose you could say four, if I want wanting to tank. Nay! Tanking isn't my scene anymore.

Dire decided to go DPS for awhile last night. It took a little while longer to find a group w/o him as a tank. It wasn't too bad since I stayed Resto. I prefer him tanking, as I know how he works. He decided to go back tank spec. He was thinking of transfering his Rogue to Alliance, I told him he may as well dps as the warrior too if he want's to. I don't mind healing another tank if he needs a break from it.

We all have those days where we like to switch things up. What do you do for a change of pace from the norm? I think for me instead of going dps... I'll just farm some old achievements, keep healing in my heroics, as I enjoy the role.

Have a great weekend all!

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