Thursday, December 17, 2009

A peek at Snow Days (Free Realms)


I popped into Free Realms for a bit to see the new changes. It's looking pretty nice. A lot of things have changed and there are also the new holiday events, which I didn't get far on. It stops mid-chain unless you are a member, I will have to decide if I want to renew for that. The upside if I renew is the house members get, however free players get an apartment or you can buy a house from the cash shop. I definitely think that is worth it. I just don't know how often I'll be popping in, so that is for now undecided.

The new housing is cute. I only got to check out a little bit of this aspect. Below you can see my naked apartment. I would love to furnish a house or apartment, I love player housing.  I can only imagine how cool some houses will be. I really enjoyed the new fishing job too. I am a fishing person in WoW so this carries over. Another membership bonus for this as well, getting past level five.

So the game feels that it has a little more depth. Coins really have more worth imo. You can buy things for your house, new clothes.. lots of items where you didn't focus on them as much as you do now. I didn't get a chance to check out the new combat system. I will leave that for another day. I do like the choice of colors when you buy clothes.

Another thing I noticed is the change of chests in the vault. No more spending all your tickets and getting tons of lame consumables. Yucky! They each are marked for jobs, you pick the type of item you want to get and there you have it a random item from said chest. I like this a lot better. I spent all of mine on the freestyle chest heh.

The cash shop is an evil thing. It calls my name.. More holiday goodness there this month. There are some really cool pets. Ponies, dinosaurs and dragons.. to name a few. I have a pug so for now I am happy.. I want a pony still! There are also currently holiday outfits and items too. I think the coolest is the reindeer pet. Who doesn't want a pet reindeer?!

While I don't play FR for an extensive amount of time, often I play in spurts here and there. It is really a nice game to log into and relax. While the name of the game isn't as fitting as it once was, I can still log in for free and mess around. I don't have to put in a subscription to say hey to friends, or to blow off some stream. This game is a nice change of pace for me at times. It will be one I always keep up with as I really enjoy it. And yes, adults do play it, hey I'm not thirteen anymore but I still like cute games! My guild is an adult aimed guild which is nice.

For those of you interested in the new fishing job, Zam is putting together a great fishing guide. I will be checking that out when I get fishing rolling. So that's it on my first impression of the new update. The game is looking even better I'd say. It has it's perks for sure. For something for the kids to play that's safe and wholesome, or something for adults with not much gaming time on their hands it's great. It's a great game just to play in general. I'll leave you with some screen shots!



Till next time!

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