Sunday, December 20, 2009


I haven't posted much new this weekend.. well because not much is new heh. Heroics, heroics, and more heroics. I have emblems falling out of my pockets. I've been mainly waiting on my tank to be logged on to do them, hopping on to do a few dailies when he's not, that's about it. I'm loving the new system, don't get me wrong. Instant groups back to back with this combo is nice.

I'm still keeping an eye out for a cool active guild, I've still not found one. The little guild I'm in is wanting to do a Naxx run this week so I may help them out for a change of pace. Dire could tank it for them, but he won't be home then.

In the past I've joined a lot of guilds through friends, my friends list on the alliance is very small. While the new instance change is awesome it makes it harder to meet people on your own server. I'm not looking for a hardcore guild, just something to change up the evenings with some interaction, nice people and a few raids here and there. I'm not wanting to pug raids either, just too much bull sometimes.

That's something I've noticed in most of the games I play these days, it's harder and harder to find nice people to stick around with. It was a big reason I left EQ2. All I did was solo 99.9% of the two years I've played on and off. Dire is a lot more friendly than I, he makes friends easily. I try, don't get me wrong but he makes friends dueling, running pick up raids, stuff I don't always do. Though even he hasn't met many new people either.

It's just a solitary feeling at times in the MMOs I play. I log in to WoW, my group is there waiting on me. We do the run, next group, rinse and repeat. I don't have to interact to go anywhere. Some groups are fun and nice but chances are I won't see them again as they were from other servers. So while I love the quick groups, I miss making new friends.

It's the same with my other game Free Realms. I have a nice guild, most the time they are off in a mini game or doing their own thing and don't see guild chat until later. I miss the days of more friendly social interaction in online games.

So while I like the ease of today's MMO scene, I miss those old groups you hated to leave in Everquest. Do you ever feel the same way? Maybe it's just me. I've taken a leap back to the other faction after being established more on the other, so it just takes time I suppose.

Till next time.

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