Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In other news.. (MMO)

I've been so busy running instances when I log into WoW I've not had much time to do the holiday event. The achievements are not among some of the more fun ones imo. I do want to try to work on them though. I'm just being lazy. Do you like achievements? I think I enjoy the holiday ones the most. I'm still trying to get the little Pug pet, just a few more pugs to go! I did get the title "The Patient" so far.

Speaking of Achievements Everquest added these in with the new expansion. That will be a massive list I would think, as large a world as Norrath is. I peeked in my mail and read up some on the new Underfoot Expansion.

Today I worked a bit more on the December Holiday Event list. There are a lot of games I didn't get to cover but there is a link to Massively's 'massive' list for those I missed. There really are some fantastic events out this year in new and older games alike. Chances are in whatever you are playing, there is something fun for the holiday.

Pitrelli over at Kill that Cheerleader posted that Fallen Earth has a Free trial out. I am sort of wanting to try this. I may give it a shot. Still not sure it's my cup of tea. It looks very cool though.

Free Realms had a really cool update. I still need to log in, and yes, you will be hearing more about this as I dabble around checking things out later this week ;) It's a really great game to pop in and out whenever you feel like. Some of the coolest features are housing, pets and fishing! Combat has had some improvements, and omg no more dress shoes from the daily spin!! You can check out the notes here. I need to set aside some time to pop in check all this out!

LoTRO has another free playing spree from Dec 17-21. I still have yet to pop back in there for one of these free play events. Free is always good, one of these days I'd like to revisit it.

SWTOR has introduced the two new classes on the list, Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Consular. My brothers are so hyped up on this game. I am still waiting to see a bit more. I am sure I'll get more excited the closer it gets to release. Or heck even getting into beta. The class line up is looking good. I want to see how game play is going to be and how end game is. What is it going to offer for long term for the MMO player?

Pouncealot over at Heals and Dots has a really nifty post about gems and Jewlcrafting. I've been lazy this week and been meaning to link it as it's definitely worth a look. So if you're looking for some good tips check it out. Plus she always has something interesting to read!

Tipa from West Karana has returned to WoW with a different view on the game since 3.3. A very interesting outlook from a defiant EQ2 and Wizard 101 player. Often she has said things that I don't agree with about WoW, so it's nice to see her change of heart.

Tam from over at Righteous Orbs has a really hilarious post about his dealings with pugs lately. A read that had me splitting at the sides! Good to know I'm not the only one feeling that way some days!

And that wraps it up for today just some interesting tidbits I thought I would share! What have you been up to in your holiday line up? Events, grinding, groups? Safe adventures all!

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