Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patches and Choices.. (WoW, EQ2)

Yikes I need to clean out the quest log!

I finally got to log in for a few to check out the 3.3 patch. It's lookin' good. I was misinformed about the race class combo additions.. doh! I was getting excited, they only changed the character select. I am very impressed with the new built in quest helper and map changes. The new lfg tool.. I found out you hit ( I ) to get this to work (finally a use for this button besides a keybind!), it looks pretty good.

So for the most part I am very impressed. I'm still disgruntled about the looting changes in pugs. There were some cool changes here and there for the better, that's for sure. 'Moar' pets for the collectors! I want to start working on the little pug. I'm pretty back in the saddle with WoW, it seems my break(s) have done me some good. Do I want a cookie for joining back on the bandwagon? Sugar Cookie please!

Random dungeon for emblems.. how cool is that? The calico cat was cute, also the albino snake, which was more so cool than cute I suppose. Other than my realm being a pita during this evening  to log into. It's actually tomorrow.. still tonight for me until I go to bed =p I just wanted to post up some pics and ramble a bit while I wait on Dire to get home. I was thinking lately.. I'm having fun why would I play anything else?



Having said that ( Saying this phrase now makes me think of Curb your Enthusiasm.. just something you gotta see to know) I think I will be sticking to WoW for the most part for now. So it looks like I will be saying goodbye to EQ2. I may head back another time to visit but for now I'm not feeling it with this game. I still have a few weeks left, but it's really at the point where I feel like- why bother logging in?

While the community is very nice it's an established and tight knit community. I suppose I feel stagnated with it already. I am starting to feel this game caters more to long time players, not opening doors as wide for returning and new to get a foot in. It's me, not you EQ2!

Yes I know I was raving about how great is was last week. I've really tried hard to get back into it and enjoy it but it's tougher the longer I play. I'm not staying it's no longer a great game, not at all. I'm just not having as much fun and I know all too well when it's time to break away from a game when it gets like this. If anyone asked me if it was worth a try I would surely tell them how great it indeed is. I probably would recommend another game if you are new to the MMORPG world though.

For now I have bigger Dragons to slay, so to speak. I'm off to try the new LFG system!


  1. hehe yeah I hear WoW calling me back but until my friends are my level I have little incentive, I'll keep my sub running and level my mining etc.

    As for your previous ravings about EQ hey its normal, I fall in and out of love with a different MMO every couple of months. Fallen Earth Im totally loving at the minute but a piece of me is telling me to be careful what I say because I could easily just decide not to log on again. Ah the joys of being an MMO blogger.... perhaps Syncaine is right and I am an MMO tourist :)

  2. I'm a MMO tourist at times too hehe. I will say though I always come back 'home' after my travels, to WoW.

    After playing the heavily populated WoW and going back to EQ2 some nights it just felt to empty, probably didn't help.




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