Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Patch Day! (WoW 3.3)

My neglected Paladin, Ashlex. He could really use a scrunchie, yeah you heard him!

I actually didn't play yesterday other than making my video. My son told me the patch would be out today, so while I am not over enthused about some of it, I'm excited about cross server groups. This should help out a good bit when we are lfg in the wee hours. Dire doesn't get home until 3am sometimes, so yeah it gets hard sometimes to find people.

Dire could see the patch notes and read a few off to me. I on the other hand had to scour the net to find them since my patcher is being ornery. I did run across something cool on wow.com.. Core Hound pups!! Ok I'm calm now, I hope I get one, it seems some characters do and others don't. I can't log in still. The game seems to hang when logging in.I have a feeling I won't be able to play much until later. I have to go out anyhow so no big deal there. I just wanted a peek though... *sad face*...

*Edit.. Seems the Core Hounds are sent to players with authenticators. What kinda bull is that?  .... well then I guess Perky Pug here I come... when I can log in. Don't forget the calico pet and albino snake went live today also. Breani has them in Dalaran. /big rude towards the direction of Blizzard on the Core Hound. No I don't use one. First Warden now authenticators. What more do I need on my machine to play WoW?

Oh and on another note.. Yay for Druids, Rebirth 10 min cd (not in arena).

So what are you doing this patch day? Are you having touble logging in? Or are you one of the lucky ones able to log in?

/shakes fist 
/runs away..

P.S.- Deimonia I have horde here too! Even though you'll find me on alliance more often these days. *nudge* come on over to Silvermoon!


  1. /raises hand...
    Yes I had trouble logging in. I only wanted to log in to do the Jewelcrafting daily, BG daily, and check the Auction House for sales. That doesn't take long (about 30 minutes) Sighs I finally got the daily BG complete. Horde usually wins in the earlyier brackets. I'm now turning in my JC daily in Laglaran. Then I'm logging off.

    I'll pop by Silvermoon. I'm thinking of making a twink and Silvermoon might be my home for that. I might move some of my Alliance toons there later on! :)

  2. Whoops that should have been 'earlier'.
    I'll probably create a toon on Silvermoon tomorrow just so I can secure a name. :)

  3. It took me all night to log in so probably easier for you then anyhow.
    I didn't get one daily done today.. gah.

    That sounds cool, it's a pretty decent server for the most part. First server we ever played on so it's home to me.

    Drop me a tell when you decide to pop on over :)




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