Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annoying Stats (WoW)

Since I've switched mains this year in WoW from a Holy Paladin to a Resto Druid I've had to learn to aim for different stats. What was important on one healer is less important on the other. Int and Crit is very important on the Paladin (sp also but that's across the board) while haste is very important on the Druid. Now I'm not a raid healer 'atm', so the lack of haste on my behalf isn't really a big deal in heroics. However when I start raiding with her it will be more so important. The changes in 3.3 to talents made it a higher cap we have to aim for now.

I think back to the days of healing and doing dps years ago and not worrying about redundant stats. While they are nice, they can be so spread around, annoying. There are so many stats I think should be thrown out the door. Hit rating? Expertise?

What, did I suddenly go blind at 80 needing hit rating to hit the mobs? Am I suddenly swinging blindly at the mob like a little ol' lady swinging away at a pinata? And Expertise.. One point of expertise decreases the chance that melee attacks made by the player will be dodged or parried by 0.25%. So while I have to work on the chance I won't miss as melee, I want to make sure I won't be dodged or parried!

At some point it always starts to annoy me. Why make a game full of such complicated annoying redundant stats? These were not in the game when it went live, somewhere along the lines someone had the fantastic idea that these stats would make it more.. um? I don't really know what they were aiming for.

Some people have actually used spread sheets to decide if an item was an upgrade. While I have never had to use this method, for I am far too lazy in the first place, some people have done so. It stats to kill the lighthearted aspect of a game when it starts being redundant and complicated.

In Cataclysm things will change of course, they constantly change. I would like to throw a lot of these stats out the door. Some will be more normalized but a lot of it will stay. Health will be higher all around, damage won't be as spiky but more steady. Mana regen has been changed around already, I hope it's not going to be a big problem in Cataclysm. Healing needs to be a challenge, I've seen this thrown around and it worry's me.

These are just some thoughts I've run across while playing over the last five years and seen things change, added, removed and so on. Maybe you agree maybe you don't, all I know is the game was fine before many of these 'make believe stats' were added in. Thoughts?



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