Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daily Deviation (WoW)

Playing WoW last night didn't go quite as planned. I had wanted to get a couple more quick runs than I did. I ended up getting more Heroic ICC instances than one could want and stay sane. Compared to the old heroics these are harder. If everyone isn't on their toes they can be ugly. WTF why did I die healer? I dunno.. maybe you were in that nasty green goo for too long? I figured you were trying for a facial so I let you lay in the mud? Others went quite well though. I've decided I don't really want to do these with pugs. They can either be a breeze or take way too long. Some of these took up quite an amount of time and in the future I'm not so sure I am willing to give a pug a shot at wasting so much time. Stop queuing for this place people!!

I think I may rather poke myself in the eyes than pug the ICC heroics. How about I don't do either heh. I am going to wait a bit on those until more people get the hang of the instances. I know FoS like the back of my hand and can talk a group through it, the other two are a bit harder. HoF is probably the stupidest instance to pug. Seriously. The DPS has to be good, exceptional actually.

Several times I felt as if it was my fault people were dying on runs. DPS not moving away in time, I can't prevent that, Tanks not having max Defense among other things. When Dire came home he saw how hard of a time I was having in one run, he checked the armory. My tank didn't have max Defense...Doh! These people were kind souls so I politely told them I had run out of time.

So other than that I picked up a few nice Balance items this week. I even went dps in one group. HoS, I didn't do too bad. I can push out 2k dps, not impressive I know. A lot of my gear is borrowed from Resto but my hit is capped. It would have been more fun if the healer didn't let people die so many times. By the end of the run I was popping out of Boomkin to heal myself and the tank to get the run over with. I decided 15 minutes in the queue for something so easy, yet made out as if it was hard, wasn't worth it and went back to Resto. 

Most of my groups were really nice. I met some very nice people. I even got a tell from Pouncealot from Heals and Dots. She had made a Druid on Silvermoon and it was so nice to hear from her. It always makes the game so much nicer to have people you enjoy talking to. Now if I could convince her to come on over for good.. just kidding! She is one of my favorite bloggers, one of the nicest ones around so it was really cool to have a chance to talk to her more than across our sites. I hope to see more of her when she has time to play up her new little Druid there! I had to run out there and say hi in the pixels. It was a nice deviation from the daily humdrum.

Today is the start of Winter Veil in wow. Yay, something to distract me from Pugs. I doubt I get the title this year, I may try for it, I'm not so sure yet. I wonder what the new item will be under the Christmas tree! Being the holiday freak I am, I'm surprised I forgot about it until today. I've just had my mind elsewhere I suppose. 

Do you sometimes have things you just don't like to do with pugs? I really need to find a good guild. I don't see anything appealing so far. I will keep my eyes peeled. Safe adventures wherever you may find yourself peeps!



  1. WTF why did I die healer?

    Don't you hate that? I've gotten that one or two times, even though it hasn't happened a lot. It's still annoying to hear!

    Do I say...WTF, DPS why aren't the mobs dead yet? No!! /SIghs... Although I haven't gotten that comment a lot it is still annoying. I do I virtually bite my tongue, and calmly tell them why they died. Yeah in every case they did something they shouldn't have been doing which meant they got hammered hard by he mobs. Great Healers are awesome, but we cannot always save someone from being stupid. :)

    It was so nice to meet you in-game. I was hoping you would stop by, then I forgot about it since I had a great time chatting with you via Tells, and low and behold I see a shimmer of silver and you appeared. :)

    I remember I got to the point where I would not run Oculus with people I didn't know, just because of all the screw-ups, same went with Halls of Lightning. I Pugged with people who had latency issue or just could not get the start down for the last boss.

  2. That should have been..
    just could not get the strat down for the last boss.

  3. After healing for a decade it's come up here and there HAHA!

    Thankfully it doesn't happen much. Lately I've let a few bad dps die by pulling adds or standing in something they shouldn't though. They didn't say anything lol.

    I know I'm mean but I'm not getting a room full on me. I guess they take one for the team!

    Yes, it was nice chatting with you in game. I do hope to see you there here and there when you get the time! I know you're having a lot of fun with your Druid still though!




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