Sunday, December 13, 2009

One of those days... (WoW)

Disclaimer: Ranting Ahead. 
Warning: The side effects of P.U.G.s can be harmful. Side effects may include; stress, a drop in IQ due to being around such stupidity, ninja looting and Massive Facepalming.

The good
I've really enjoy healing with the Druid, more than my previous 80 healers, Paladin and Priest. It's very enjoyable. My gear is starting to improve, it's getting easier as the gear upgrades. The new emblem drops and LFG system help push it along nicely. I get complements on my healing here and there. It's always appreciated.

While I love healing, I've never grouped with such vile people as I have this week. My Battle Group must be full of degenerates. Where are all the decent people? As a new Tank & Healer duo we've come along nicely. We work together well, groups go smoothly because we pay attention, we strive to do our best. Not to brag but these people are lucky to get a nice duo like us. We started heroics last night and I must say they went well. However I'm finding myself wishing, at times, I could put a fist through the screen and connect with random_pugger_100001's face. Ever feel like that?

The Bad
We decided to do ToC regular run for another try on the tanking trinket for Dire. We've run it 20+ times just on this duo ha! When I join a group I always try to be nice and say "Hiyas", I'm returned with FAIL, from the Rogue. I think... /FACEPALM... Someone asks why he said this. The Rogue informs us that the tank and healer suck (Dire and I). We can't do this run, we need to leave, we suck.  He goes on a bit more. Dire says ignore him, and we start. I was so mad I let everyone die by losing focus. They blamed Dire. Uh no.. that was me. Sorry. The rest of the run was smooth. Mr. Bigshot Rogue was under the tank till' the end on dps.

I inform him on how FAIL his dps is, being 1.4 tops. I never do this, he provoked me though. The tank you insulted is tanking and doing more dps, we should kick you. You should be one to tell anyone they fail? LOL. Anyhow long story short. He got mad at me and ninja looted the tanking trinket. Dire had to beg that sack of .. fail (lol) for it.  I asked him several times to let him have it, I was the one who was rude. I had to hold back and be nice. He handed it over after five minutes, then I told him what a loser he was and he should learn some manners and how to dps, then I left.

The Ugly
After this Dire wants to do Heroic AN, it goes well. I start to feel calmer. Next we do the random heroic daily. A Paladin who can't get over himself because he does around 5k dps is in this group. You want to tank it, you join as a tank, want to heal it, join as heals. This guy pulls the whole first room on us. I die, he blames the tank, saying he isn't good. Then tells me to calm down he had heals. The nerve. I told him, "I'm calm, Han Solo, annoyed but calm. My tank is fine, you killed me." Which he does this the whole instance. I got killed twice because he wanted to be superstar dps. I wanted to leave but we didn't want to get the deserter debuff as I just needed a few more emblems for shoulders.

All our other heroics went fine and dandy. However as a healer and tank we get the brunt of the load when people don't try, don't work as a team or insult us. We are doing our job while they just screw around or make us feel bad. It makes me feel like a baby sitter. I knew this would happen. Do we suck? No, we get the runs done fine. I've been healing and he's been tanking for about a decade in mmo's and I'm not going to let some wet behind the ears jerk make me think we do. It doesn't mean I won't get offended though.

/rant off
I may try to dps when I am joining groups alone. For a change of pace, let someone else deal with the crap. People need to learn manners. If they acted like this on the street they would get quite the wake up call. I'm not ready to throw in the towel on WoW. I just have my days where I really wonder what rocks these people crawled out from under.

Get your nose out of that dps meter, that gear score add on, stop blowing your character kisses. Do your damn part. Stop standing in the circles, attack the mob that's marked. Sigh.. I could go on. DPS can slack off and it can still go ok, if the tank or healer slack off it won't. Yet the dps are always the ones to act so high and mighty. What a turn around it is from the days of EQ. You all should be kissing my...

I jest..

I have been healing in WoW for five years. Different servers, classes and factions. It seems that the cross server groups can lead a poor attitude in general. I guess that's my whole point. I'm still having fun, it's just been one of those days.

That's it for now.


  1. Awww /hugs it sounds like you had a tough couple PUG runs. I had a few yesterday. I need to find the time to blog about them. In a since it's nice leveling a healer again you usually have a lot more limitations then you do at end-game. I'm at that spot now. If I'm running with a badly specced/geared tank, or trigger happy DPS. Pounce definitely knows it since she's not in the ultimate gear. (She's 74 at the moment and still climbing. The great gear won't come until she hits 80.
    Although I spend money on gear so I can handle a reasonably sane group. You won't find her in any purples until she hits 80.)

    Thankfully those who've acted like jerks that are in the minority. I was able to run a lot of random dungeons yesterday, in between family coming over and hanging out with my daughter.

    However a lot of the jerks came out to play yesterday. /sobs (rocks back and forth.) Thankfully one of my buddies was online so I laughed about what was going on in whispers to him.

    Going as DPS is a refreshing change, although you still might have to pop out to help heal too. It's still a nice change! I've done that with Pounce. thinking of 'just being DPS' (I love good DPS by the way, the make mine and the tanks job so much easier) if I do some dungeon runs today.

  2. Thanks Pounce :)

    Yeah we've taken the time to work on gear before stepping into a heroic. I know what ya mean, you have to go the extra mile as a tank or healer.

    Funny thing was the rogue giving us sh*t asked us at one point why this was normal ToC.

    Uh.. you checked the little box for normal maybe?

    I have had some good groups too, the bad really make themselves more remembered lol.

    Yes DPS is more laid back. I just love healing. I have a bit of gear saved up from runs for dps so I may try it this week. My healing gear is much better though.

    Hopefully people will settle down this week. The monsters will go back under the beds lol.




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