Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily Humdrum.. WoW vs EQ2 (MMO)

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WoW, I'm almost 80 
Welp, I finally hit 79 with the Druid last night. One more level to go. Yay! Don't you love it when it's so close you can breathe a sigh of relief. I've had a nice time leveling her though. To help fund my first 80 Alliance I took up two money making professions. Skinning and Herbalism. It's payed off. I will drop LW eventually for Alchemy or Inscription. For now it's helped out big time. I make a lot of money off the herbs. I was even able to grab several items off the AH to boost me up some as soon as I hit 80, and several enchants.

Speaking of gear, we decided to run normal ToC last night to see if we could grab some gear and a change of pace. Dire was still 78 so we found another couple of tanks to help in the runs. It was fun, we died some but it's not the easiest to run at 78 (before the ding). Plus this is all still new healing as the Druid. I don't have my fast casting heal (Nourish) yet. I think I did a good job, we got about three or four runs in so I'd say it went well. The Druid is very enjoyable healing 5 mans, that is for sure. I really love it. I don't know if I could pick up the Pally again anytime soon!

The first tank was a good bit under the Def cap we found out later. Yeah.. we used the armory heh. So while I was thinking- Geez I suck tonight, it wasn't all my fault. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches, it wasn't a Heroic and we got it done. The next tank was a bit better but he often seemed to phase out and not grab the bosses quickly.

I ended up getting two very nice trinkets, some shoulders and a ring from those runs. Dire got one tanking item and a couple dps items. I've been working on daily quests while I level and it's going quite smoothly doing that plus getting some things in order for 80.

As the World (of EQ2) turns
I  played some EQ2 the other day, the day before yesterday. I hit 40 with the little swashy which was great, I also got a couple of aa points also. The guild was running a low level dungeon for the guild leader's alt (Stormhold), so I mentored down and joined. I never had the chance to level there so it was fun. We only stayed about 30 min and it ended with me evacing us out of a bad spot. I've never gotten to use that spell on a group, heck that was my first group with this char!

Earlier in the day I wandered around Steamfont and quested some and chatted in guild chat all the while. We talk about other games we've played. WoW came up in the topic with much scorn. The guild leader made the comment about it going to 90, which I corrected him telling him it was in fact 85. Oh no, I was wrong. Well I'm the only one playing it, right? I guess they thought they would humor me heh. They then spoke on how it was only a solo game. How boring it was and how much it sucked. I asked what level they got to while playing it and was told 29. I then explained that the level cap is full of people doing heroics, raids.. group things in general. It's all about groups and raids.

As a person who has come back to EQ2 recently and played both I couldn't understand how someone could say EQ2 was so much better for someone being new to the game. For the majority I solo. It is nice to be able to solo in games to reach the cap. So why bash that in any game, right? I wander around looking for quests and use the EQ2 wiki more than I should have to, if you ask me. As a long time MMO player I say WoW is the better for newer players to the MMO scene. It has more direction and a larger amount of quests in each hub.

If I'm wrong then I'm at least right about the ease (direction) of finding where to go next w/o having to look it up, because I do a lot of looking! Then we got onto the topic that EQ2 has more adults. Two reasons here. It has less of a player base, when you have a huge player base you have a lot of all ages. Then this game appeals a lot to Everquest (original) players. Ten years ago a lot of them started it, that makes most of the players adults. Even if you started in 1999 at the age of 10, you're now 20. An adult. That's not the only reason but that in my eyes it's a big one. The biggest thing they complained about was the community and always soloing everything.

While both are great games it really bothers me when people assume one is better, one.. as they all like to say.. sucks. Why? Because it's not the game you picked? No, I'm not mad they bashed my other game. What was ironic was all the things they complained about in WoW... soloing so much, no direction, people not being friendly and so on. Well thats what I am dealing with in EQ2. I solo and miss a lot of dungeons for my level. I meet people because I reach out and try. Nobody has befriended me to be nice to a lowbie, I looked for a guild and made conversation to get to know them. I hunt around in zones lost, I have to refer to EQ2maps and the wiki. Ironic eh?

Anyhow.. I ended up messing around on Test a bit also. I always liked the test server in EQ, so it was neat checking this one out too.Would I play there? I thought it would be cool. However there were only 36 players online when I checked. It might get very lonely. I'm still thinking of playing there some. I made a paladin... I have a weakness for crusaders!

Safe Adventures all!

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