Saturday, December 5, 2009

ECTimes: Winter Edition

There's been a lot of cool stuff popping up about various games I've wanted to mention. Some of it in store for this next year, some of it incoming soon. So from time to time I take time to talk about whats going on, and what I think about it or just to pass on some interesting news. I know I would miss out on some things if I didn't read on them from someones blog. I do tend to check out a lot of game websites just to keep up with what's going on in general. So lets get started!

If you didn't get the chance to play Mythos in the past, you will in 2010. This very cool little game is being re-released next year. If you like Torchlight (well you've probably played Mythos in that case heh), then you would definitely like this game. While I didn't play it extensively it was always one I liked to pop into and play often. I am glad it is making a comeback! Check out the teaser site here, if you  haven't already.

Everquest 2
While the new expansion is still a good while off, there is more in store for the near future with 'Will of a Tyrant'. The website has a letter from the producer up currently which talks about; fixing a massive amount of bugs, shader 3.0 work, fighter classes as well as all being looked over. They are also going to look over all classes to how they are working in Raids, solo and groups, making tweaks and adjustments as needed. This looks exciting for EQ2! Plus they have a new quest helper which is being developed, I can't wait to see that.

Free Realms
So we have all heard about the new housing and pets. Recently on ( why didn't they release this information on the FR website? You got me there..) FR released some more information and pics. You can find out about the housing here and the pets here. Looks great, next they should work on getting news out on their own site so I don't have to hunt all over! =p The houses look great.

There has been a lot of heat on the latest interview. It seems we all get to be Han Solo! Heh, I mean we can all solo through the content. What's so different about that? Well I think there really won't be the need to group for much of anything I suppose. Which has some people up in arms, why even be an MMO. I think it could be good in some ways. I am wondering if this will be for high end also. Soloing all the time at the top level, can get stagnant. We shall see how it all pans out. You can catch the interview here, if you haven't seen it. Oh... and the companion characters, those sound really cool IMO. While some have complained about them I look forward to hearing more on them. It doesn't sound like it will focus on solo all the time. So no need to get upset just yet ;)

PTR Goes down Monday! Will the patch be this coming week, or the next? There look to be some really cool changes. I really am feeling 'sour' with the new dungeon system, but there are some good things in store also. More content added for those who are feeling a bit bored, a change in the emblem system which should make it easier on getting some phat lewt.

New school houses. They are currently up on the test server. They look lovely! I've seen a few player made movies on some bloggers sites lately, these really are fantastic looking. More info here.

I've spoken on some of the changes inc to Aion recently. They have a new video out showing off some of these changes. If you haven't seen the video you can catch it here. Looking good, it should add some depth to the game for sure.

Guild Wars 2
A new video is out, worth a look for sure. You can find it here.

And that about wraps it up. My concentration for today is gone due to screaming neighbors, it broke when I finally had to yell at them. Safe adventures and may all your neighbors be quiet!


  1. Mythos was a game which interested me however lets see what changes the new devs have made. i heard it was 80% complete when they got hold of it but alas Im sure they will want to put their own stamp on it.

    WoW is probably where my long term future is in MMOs however I just cant get excited about anything bar Cataclysm. I'll maybe change my tune once my mates have hit 60 and I can start levelling again. I've not seen Outland or WoTLK from an Alliance perspective so it may be interesting and of course fresh :)

  2. Yeah we will have to see how Mythos ends up. The website is looking good so far.

    I know how ya feel with WoW, I sometimes need a nice break to be able to come back and appreciate it. I thought at one point I might quit but here I am back in full swing lol.

  3. Yeah WoW just doesnt let go ;)

    Its a damn good game though!

  4. I agree, I always go back!




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