Monday, December 7, 2009

We made it! (WoW)

Yesterday there was a parade here in Houston, so my brother and I took my son out to see it. I've never seen so many people. We stood in the drizzle watching the floats go by, while every police car and fire engine made all the noise possible, honking the tune of jingle bells. I didn't think I'd be able to hear for a week. It was great. The sides of Hwy 6 here were lined with people. The traffic on the way back.. that wasn't so great. I honked (does holding the horn for several minutes still count as honking? Ha!), shook my fist yelling a few choice words at some unsafe drivers and finally made it out of the parking lot which we had set up camp.

When I finally got situated back home, after supper, I played WoW and we ended up hitting 80! I know we had plans to PvP at 79 for a bit but we just were so excited about hitting 80 on the alliance! So we are pretty hyped about that. Dire is still working on his tank set, we will be glad when the new LFG system goes life because at the hours he plays durring the week it can be hard to even find dps.

I'm probably going to try my hand at some of the easier Heroics this evening. My gear is already off to a decent start. It's so nice to have 80 under my belt once again. I am very excited. I still need to work more on my Hodir rep for my shoulder enchant tonight too. Fun...

Don't ask me how my dps was so high in that meter, I think I had a buff at one point in the night from a quest heh. Anyhow I am heading out for now, I have a few things I need to get done. Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Grats on 80.

  2. Oh congrats to you Mrs. Lady! It makes me wish some of my Ally toons were on your server so I could throw you a virtual party. :) /hugs

    Check out PvP at 80, get the PvP gear and your Resto Druid will be hard to take down.
    QFT ;)

  3. Thanks guys!

    @ Pouncealot *Hugs* Oh I do wish you played on SM with us! I celebrated today by making my first WoW video which is in the works.. I hope to have it finished soon. *Headache incoming!*

    I'm waiting on him to get into the PvP mood still, which is odd b/c he is the one who likes it the most lol.

    I'd like to make a PvP video with us because he is so good, I'll have to see how crummy my first one is though.

  4. I shoulda gone to the Parade too much to do grrrrr.
    Congtars on the 80!!




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