Monday, December 14, 2009

Hello, Goodbye! (WoW)

I have a Bard in Everquest I play sometimes, remember how busy this class kept us? This class has come a long way from being the carpal tunnel causing, button smashing class it once was. Bards can now use /melody to make a song line up and the class plays it all by itself. My bard now seems so easy and laid back compared to years ago. I use to constantly be twisting songs. The only time I got to talk in groups was between pulls on med breaks.

That's sort of feeling I have lately in WoW. Everything is so fast paced it's hard to say much past hello. Especially in the new instances, damage is all over the place. Does it really have to be so fast paced. A lot of groups I joined, people don't say one world. They join, ignore the group and leave. Like this was a group of NPC's there to do their bidding. Hello, Goodbye! I don't even get that from some people.

I have noticed other bloggers mention this also. Sometimes in groups someone will mention that we are are friendly because we said hello, the first people lately to talk. At the same time I don't want to be in one instance all day! I suppose I really need to find a more active guild, that's just what I am going to look into this evening. While my little guild is small and friendly I am looking for one to do more with.

Last night Dire went on an instance spree, dragging me with him. I think we got around 50 emblems with the new dungeon system, randoms offering an extra two really makes it fly. With a tank healer duo we have zero wait time for groups at any hour of the day.

So we've officially moved onto heroic content. We've upgraded a lot of gear and can do any of the heroics now. They went very smoothly yesterday. For the most part we grouped with some very nice people, he decided to bring a few people along from our server that we've met, it lessens the chance for jerk to join lol. One random instance group we ended up doing a few more instances with, it was nice. This has been a rewarding combo. I do not miss playing my other 80's. The more we advance the better it gets. He's a monster at tanking, I have a really nice time healing him, I no longer feel burnt out healing like I did with my other healers.

The biggest problem I have is people not doing as they should on boss encounters, making my job harder. Saying they know a fight then it being the exact opposite. Either they don't care to do things right or they told a story heh. I notice myself looking at the dps meter at times, often my tank is second on the list. However I will take a nice player that does meager dps any day over a jerk that pumps out damage. He teases me that I am becoming elitist, as I've always been one to not appreciate meter spam and people endangering groups to try to be on top. I do notice when people are slacking off though. They sure would if I did, right? Why are we dead? Oh.. I was taking it easy on the heals today? As long as we get the instance done and they aren't getting me killed, all is well.

So that about wraps it up. Do you often feel things are too fast paced sometimes? I don't know, sometimes it's nice to chat a bit while in groups, instead of feeling you are with a bunch of monkeys who can't talk.



  1. Hmm.. I've sort of seen this in some of the instances I've run but.. my real life buddies like to call me the 'ice breaker'. I'm usually the one chatting so the quiet doesn't last too long in my runs. :)

    These days I'm just asking how people like the new feature. For the most part a few have something to say. I also ask if they've encountered any bugs? At times, that brings up an interesting discussion. :)

    Other than that it's business as usual. I toss around compliments when applicable. Sure it's a game but it's nice to hear that you are doing well too, so I do my part to let people I group with know that I appreciate what they've done. If they aren't doing so hot I might offer suggestions but that's rare. I 'only' do that if I get the vibe that they won't get offended or snarky.

  2. Whoops meant to say, I'm usually the ones chatting to make people feel comfortable.

  3. Yeah we try to get the other members talking. Some of them though, they don't want to talk I suppose.

    You should just move on over to Sm we need more nice people like you here =p

    Was cool to see you in the pixels!

  4. I dont think this is simply down to the addition of the new tool, I think you will find alot of people who either havent been instance running before or have very limited experience are now participating because its easy to get groups now. Perhaps the lack of talking comes down a confidence thing?

    When I hit up Hellfire Ramparts a couple of days ago the group was relatively quiet until we started chatting about our different realms and cataclysm etc so i think much is dependant on who you enter the instance with rather than the tool itself.

    On WoW specifically it is a loot orientated game so obviously you will get the odd few folk who would rather keep themselves to themselves and just wait on a bit of 'phat loot' ;)

  5. Oh totally, people are sometimes nice and quiet at the same time.

    I'm meaning people that repeatedly ignore me in the group. They say nothing when spoken to.

    It's annoying. It's a far cry from the old days.

    Tonight though we ran into nicer players. Lots of chatty people. It was great.




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