Monday, December 28, 2009

The alt bug has bitten me! (WoW)

I've decided I want to play up another alt, I just haven't decided what to play yet. My brother has just started back and I 'fired up' the ol' Shaman, ran her out there and did some quests with him. It was pretty fun, almost like a Mage that can heal. Except... I don't have as many fancy tricks. I managed to get her to 62. I ended up healing a bit too, I do sort of want an alt that doesn't heal, though it is handy in a duo. I don't want to mainly heal again on anything besides my Druid. So whatever I play will strictly be a dps alt. I did make a Mage, she is sitting at level 6 still. I even got a sweet name for her. But she will just wait here for now, while I think on what I want to play up.

I could play the Druid as dps also but I just want something else to mess around on sometimes. I was thinking Mage. There are only two classes in WoW I have never played past 20 and that would be Mage and Warrior. I've never had one past 20, so it would be new and refreshing. I just don't know if it's my cup of tea, Warlocks have always been more my sort of class. I have been interested in the Mage though, it looks real fun. Decisions, decisions.

I could always pick up my neglected Hunter. I'm leaning towards a caster for now. I'm sure I'll get back to the hunter one of these days. My brother wants me to play the Shaman with him, gives him some company to do quests with. Then Dire wants me to make a new alt with him. I just have to decide what I want to play. My son has a 39 Mage on the account, I've messed around with it a few times. I don't want to take over his little alt, even if he never plays it. I thought about it though lol. I also have a 32 Lock I could transfer from the horde but I'd rather save a few bucks and not worry about transferring her.

We've been running heroics same as always. Stocking up on emblems, I have all the caster gear I need with the heriloom set. I may grab another trinket.. or possibly some mail stuff for the Shaman, depending on what I play. So for the moment I'm holding out on spending them.

The Druid will stay my main as she is really my favorite of all my chars. I just sometimes want to play something else. Plus leveling another alt will keep me sane from all the pugs we do!

Till next time!


  1. Ah the alts claim another victim. Mage's are a refreshing change from playing a lock. The playstyle is more relaxed. I love warriors too. I have two of them one level 46 other level 30, both are being leveled as Protection. They are virtually unkillable, or so it seems. I most likely won't play them again until the next expansion. :)

  2. I just finished up getting the last of my items for it tonight. Now I'm waiting on Dire to get his last item so we can play them hehe.

    I'll probably end up going lock as I just feel more inclined towards the class.

    I think I will wait until I can make a Worgen Mage, gotta reuse this heirloom gear! Maybe a NE Mage... hrmm wish Cataclysm would hurry up!




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