Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Toys (WoW, FR)

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I finally got to sit down and watch the movie UP with my family. It was such a nice movie. For Christmas for my brother I activated his WoW account, so he should be playing with us again on Silvermoon. It will be fun once he catches up again. Last time he played there we were on Horde.

Speaking of Christmas Presents... I was a bit disappointed at WoW's newest present this year. It took me a bit to figure out what it does. The Red Rider Air Rifle is used to shoot critters, sometimes you might hit yourself in the eye. Sure it's a cute reference, but the item has only 200 charges. I want a toy that lasts forever!

I finally broke down and got my T9 chest on the Druid over the holiday.  I'll probably start working on my balance set before long. I also got my first Mammoth, aww. Dire got a nice new shiny tanking weapon this week, he was happy.

In Free Realms they had a holiday bonus for SC which I wanted to take advantage of. However some of the information didn't state the exact time the event started and I claimed mine too early. I can be an irate customer at times and this time it seemed customer service was going to tell me oh well. After bickering back and forth with customer service in emails, I decided to call them up. I spoke to a very nice gentleman who helped me resolve the problem and I was set. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil heh.

I also made a few new friends recently. I even met another WoW player which was pretty neat. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate in FR with the chat filter. It filters so much out, it makes talking about things a pain. You have to be very imaginative to get things across at times. I finally had a chance to share my newest toy, the Dance Pad, with some other players, fun!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday week whatever they were doing!

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