Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tried and True...

My first character in an MMORPG was a Necromancer. That was a long time ago, in another game. Still I have fond memories of playing her. I liked the self sufficient picture the class drew in my mind. Plus it was cool to have a pet to command. I remember drooling over raiders gear, hoping one day I'd be able to do that also. I eventually switched to other classes and made many alts and played many games.

Today is a far cry from what I was doing years ago in my MMORPG. I can now group and get decent gear, I don't have to save every copper to buy a measly upgrade or spam chat for days to find someone to make me a spell. Money in game is not hard to get, though 'twinking' an alt is still just as fun with heirloom gear.

I decided to go with a Lock for my newest alt in WoW. I have played one in the past to 60 when that was the cap. I enjoy the class, it's almost like a cross between a Necro and Mage from my first game, Everquest. I simply feel more at home playing it than a Mage in WoW. It suits me better, the play style. It sort of reminds me of the first class I ever played.

Plus sometimes I need a break from healing. While I enjoying my Druid very much, I think one more gallivant through Azeroth before Cataclysm is due. I'm going to take my time and enjoy the view along the way. So when I hit 80, I can be the one to head into the heroics right off the bat in greens and blues! This time I won't wait to properly gear up as I did with my main. Ha! I will ride on other peoples coat tails and be carried for a change! So I suppose you can guess what I need a break from. I'm waiting on my brother to catch up his DK to us at 80, then we will run an insane amount of heroics I suspect.

Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same. Even though the game scene has changed from what it was years ago... play styles stick with us, the tried and true 'holy trinity' is still in tact and people still love to play alts.. sometimes.

Have fun whatever you find yourself playing!

Lovely artwork up top by- *Me*! 2004.. woo how the time flies!

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