Thursday, October 8, 2009

WoW: Jaina gets a make-over.. I want one too!

Lots of cool things are incoming to WoW in the near future. Jaina and a few other NPCs get make-overs, really nice ones at that. It makes me wonder, do we need new skins for our character models? I didn't think so until I saw this picture. Now I think I was wrong! Well done Blizzard Art team. Now get back to work on MY new model!

Soon there will be race changes available in addition to the current faction changes. No word yet but this is a pretty cool feature. Blizzard always goes the extra step to keep customers happy. Although the waits can be long, players have many options available that many other games just don't offer.

Tier 10 items are already being shown off on many websites. MMO-Champion has quite a bit of info on it. The 3.3 patch is looking very interesting. More things to do which is always a good thing.

I'm still itching to see Cataclysm. Though there is still a lot of cool stuff before then I suppose. I am very excited about the Hallow's End event to start on the 18th! Also I want my new
turkey for the new Pilgrim's Bounty. I also notice Day of the Dead has been added this year, no description is available for it. I don't recall seeing this one before.

I was just telling my brother earlier tonight I want a pet pug in WoW. I have a my own very real pug Gizmo, still it would be so cool to have a pug in WoW too ;) MMO_Champion and Warcraft Pets have listings of a perky pug being added as an in-game pet. /swoon!

I've been hopping onto WoW more lately doing some heroics. Trying to decide which I should play as my main these days, Paladin or Priest. Aion is still fun, however I always miss my WoW. And that's about all I have to jab about today.

I also wanted to send out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother A.D.! Happy 21! May all the birthday lewt be phat!

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