Friday, October 9, 2009

Could WoW character models use an update?

So I was thinking since my last post, when will Blizzard give us some updated character models? After seeing Jaina's upcoming look and of course the lovely revamp of Sylvanas.. I feel like the rest of the characters feel very plain. I suppose after playing Aion that is bound to happen. But honestly not a huge change, just something simple like these two have?

I highly doubt we see it in Cataclysm but I suppose it could be a possibility. As much as they change classes around, I would think they could stand for some changes in other areas.

I really think WoW is a great game, it does aim for a large audience to be able to play it. Maybe it could possibly add in the option to use new models or the old, players choice. They did test a few out in Wrath Beta. Lets see if I can find one of my screen shots I took of a human female......

...... Ah there we go.. here are a few I found where they were working on shading and a few different types of faces, more realistic I suppose. However Jaina's human face looks a lot prettier.

So I suppose they were playing around with the idea at some point. I took the armor off these characters to show the detail added to the skin, ribs showing, more tone to the muscles and also the eyes are quite different.

I've actually been quite happy with how WoW looks for the most part. Though if some of the models are going to be upgraded, really it makes the rest of them look dated and old. I sorta felt like "Wow my character looks bland.", after I first saw the new improved Sylvanas.

Even though the two newer races (Draenei and Blood Elf), look more updated than the older ones, the new models for Sylvanas and Jaina make them look pale in comparison. It sure could not hurt to add some new updated models with the upcoming expansion. By the time it comes out WoW will be over five years old. Although most games have a hard time competing against this game still. The characters just don't seem to look as cool as I use to think they were... five years ago.

I am not talking about AoC type of graphics, nothing realistic at all. I still want my cartoony looking WoW. But as I said these new models they are doing for certain NPC's look great. Just some thoughts of mine. Some people may disagree and love how the game looks. Honestly it looks great still in many aspects. Do you think we could use some updates on the character models? Just something to think about :)

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