Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aion Patch 1.5.1 Preview

It looks like Aion will be getting some updates for the better. Currently these changes are being made to the Korean client of Aion. I'm not sure when it's due to hit Aion NA. Some of these will surely make Aion smoother. I for one am happy to hear about the changes as it is a step in the right direction.

However today after doing a bit of research on Aion in general I realized it is really an international game. We as games forget that although it is new to us in NA, it's been out almost a year in Korea. We will always have to keep the international part in mind... this isn't our 'Western' WoW/Champions/Everquest.. you get the point.. type game designed just for us in mind. Anyhow enough of my thoughts.. on to the patch notes!

It looks like a lot of quests will be getting an Xp boost. Some of these quests were giving a very meager reward for the level of the quest.

Aether Extraction
-During aether extraction there will be a low chance to be inflicted with 'Aether Venom'. Unless removed, this effect will not allow the character to extract any materials for a certain period of time.
- Aether Venom can only be neutralized with the 'Word of Purification'
- 'Word of Purication' can be received once completing a captcha phrase
- You have up to 3 attempts to complete the captcha phrase. If the captcha is incorrect 3 times, then the character will not be able to extract Aether or regular materials for a certain period of time.
- The '/ExtractStatus' command can be used to check whether your character is able or unable to extract materials.
- Characters can still move or do other actions with the Aether Venom debuff. Players are advised to move to a safe location before completing the captcha.

So this looks like it will help with bots.

Instance zone information window added.
- This window can be opened using the '/checkentry' command or by clicking the 'Instance zone information' option from the start menu.
- You can check your own and your party/raid members' instance lockout timers from this window
-Numbered buttons now appear on the side when using the Qina/item quantity window.
Use of the auction window has been made more convenient
- in the item list tab, 2 drop down options added. 'Include in search' and 'Exact match'.
- The 'Include in search' option will search for all items that include the text provided in the input box. The 'Exact match' option only looks for items with exactly the same name as the item being searched for.
- Right clicking or alt+left clicking an item in your bag while the auction window is open will automatically fill the search input box with the item's name.
- Right clicking an item(in your bag) in the registration tab will register it in the auction house.
- Cubes can now be individually auto-arranged when you have multiple cubes.
- right click the Cube name to use the 'change tab name' and 'cube auto arrange' options.
-'Color spray' and 'Hair dye' can now be previewed using the character wardrobe feature(Ctrl+left click).

-In the case where a combo ability branches off into 2 possible skills, you can now choose which which skill/s you prefer to go into your skill chain.
- Left click and drag the skill icon of the skill you want to use to the top.
-During Pvp, when casting a skill on a player and they run out of range during the skill cast, the skill will still go off if the target is still within a certain distance from the caster.

-Elemental defenses slightly decreased.
-Amount of stigma shards required for equipping stigmas reduced.
-Spiritmaster pets will be able to fly!

All the information listed can be found at Aion Source.

Definitely headed in a good direction. You can see it's a very polished game but still not quite there yet in the standards of NA gamers IMO. As I said this truly is an international game and we have to keep that in mind when we really think about the game basics. Currently, Aion is running on 225 servers located in South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan as well.

It was claimed that Aion would only be second to WoW in the industry. If they want to keep that spot I think they might think about separating the eastern and western games a bit in some aspects. All in all it's a great game thus far.


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