Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tricks or Treats.. WoW Free Realms & Aion (MMO)

Back to the ol' grind in Wow. Last night I decided to log in and help the 'ol' man' do some heroics. It's kind of hard to find a tank and or healer late night on Silvermoon sometimes. My Priest is shadow so I end up playing the Paladin more in heroics lately. I'm trying to get some of the Achievements down for the title. Probably end up only getting it on one.. too much to do. I have a friend who is trying to get it on all hrmm.. six (I think, lost count), of his 80's. Too much work for me heh. I've not gotten anything really cool besides the Broom from the HH. Always a nice treat to get a broom to zoom on!

I noticed last night, upon using the broom, it no longer has a duration (of 14 days). If you look at my screen shot above, you can see it now says it is usable during Hallows End. I like that much better! So I still have a few days left to try to get some of the other stuff I want. Other than that I've only had time to do the holiday events in Free Realms. I've not got much else new but it's been fun, I've gotten a ton of nifty items so far. Lots of treats for all!

Today I was busy trying to get my son a Halloween Costume put together since he wants to be a pirate. He wants to look like Jack Sparrow. So we went from shop to shop trying to put together a good one.There is a Halloween Express near us, we spent way too much time in there!

Aion's Halloween Event is out as of today. I wanted to hear more about it before I decided to check it out or not. From reading the forums I think I may not. Players have mentioned there being no decorations, quests or even a great hunt.. The announcement mentioned undead invading, a great hunt and treats. The only thing that seems to be true is the candy treats.

I suppose there could be more.. I don't expect NCSoft to give us any answers with the track record they have on communication. Maybe next year they will put more effort into the event. People have come to expect big holiday events in games. I am sure Aion will have a nice Christmas event simply because the work is already there from the Eastern game.Sorry Aion players, seems more of a trick than a treat..

Now I'm off to try to do some Halloween quests before it gets too late!
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