Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've 'Gone Postal'!.. Free Realms, WoW & Aion....

I've been having a nice time in Free Realms. I joined a guild, 'Gone Postal' they seem like a real nice bunch. Yesterday I received my members pack which had a bunch of goodies in it such as the Skull Lantern, Pumpkin Paper Bag Mask, Chadty Outfit and some face paints. I was pretty happy to get those. I've been working on my Postman profession. I'm almost 18 now, it's pretty fun. Everytime my husband walks past me he sees me playing the mail mini game and asks why I am playing "Peggle" lol.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should reactivate Aion or WoW. Aion released an October Community Address. While it touched on topics that have been hot on many sites, their responce to the lack of communication was: "Many of you have asked us why we haven't spent more time communicating the specifics of our plans. The unfortunate truth is that the same people spamming chat channels and setting up bots are also reading our announcements. In order to keep the enemy in the dark, we cannot be too vocal about our plans to fight back." The enemy huh? How about worrying about the players over the 'enemy'?

Right now it looks like it will be WoW simply because my husband keeps asking me to play that with him. As bored as I can get I always have Free Realms and Runes of Magic.. ect. Many of my fun little games to keep me from being bored in my play time. Which seems to be less and less this week heh. I slept way too late this lovely Saturday because of my Headache last night. Anyhow I still want to try to get the Hallowed title on WoW so I hope I still have enough time this week.

My son was asking how full my HD was today.. I seriously need a bigger HD with all these games.. and it's got one gig free. Yikes.. I still have Ether Saga on there and Perfect World.. I may have to pop in those to see if I want to keep them on here. I think it's been a year since I played Perfect World, honestly.  So it looks like I have some housecleaning to do on my machine. 

Till next time-

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  1. The one pic with the elfen girl on the Zebra I just love that picture!
    And am thinkin of puttin it on my desk top! Wheres Roiben and Kate? lol




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