Monday, October 26, 2009

Some thoughts..WoW, EQ, FR & Aion (MMO)

Today it's rainy here in Houston, a good day to stay in. Browsing my favorite sites, reading up to see if anything is new on the games I keep tabs on. Seems a pretty slow day, a good day to mull over some things.

Everquest has a listing up for holiday events which sound pretty fun. It seems a long way from the events I remember in my earlier years of playing. Many nice additions.  Aion of course has the community address up from the 23rd, I seem to have missed the "Eye on Community" news article. I suppose NCSoft is trying to make up for lost time with this new weekly posting. I suppose we really can't rag too hard on Aion, it is what it is.

I'm still bouncing back from Free Realms to WoW. In the many months I've been writing I've been going through a sort of burn out on a lot of games. Trying to find what suits me best, I had tried many games out there, not all. Now I've tried just about every MMO out there. There are a few exceptions. Some I'm just not interested in and some my wallet cries out NO to ;) But it seems in my travels across many games I am at home with WoW the most. I do have my issues and get tired of the humdrum of the game, it just offers the most bang for the buck. And... as the sidekick game Free Realms.

I think I will attempt to find another guild to do more with in WoW. My husband has stayed in the guild we were in at the beginning of the current expansion. I moved on due to personal reasons. I wasn't asked to do certain raids because I was a static healer (paladin..)... wtf.! Or I was not taken because so and so's wife wanted to go. I took a small break and when I came back, I was told there wasn't room for me to go on any raids. So I decided to move on. He still gets heroics and raid invites being Mr.dps.. and I have to strive harder with my Shadow Priest and Holy Paladin to get anything done lately. I think I'm just lazy anymore. The hermit in WoW lol.

The guy has all the luck with getting into runs! I am glad though, to see him catching up after his long break. I have a low threshold for bs, I'm opinionated, I like things organized. I suppose maybe in my EQ raiding days I took things seriously and that has carried over. I suppose my heart just wasn't in it for awhile. I think I'll work on a holy set for my priest so I can do more on her much like I can on the paladin. Oh... and last night she got the 'punkin' pet from the HH!

So Free Realms is a nice balance to keep me having fun when I have had it with Wow heh. I do wish there was more to do once everything has been maxed out, so I am trying to take it slow. I hope to see player housing before long. Really you can't beat the simplicity and fun FR offers, a good game to have none the less. I hit 20 on my Postman prof a day or two ago and got my new snazzy speedy Postman collection shoes! A kind guildie helped me with some items with it which was really nice. I am glad to be able to zip around a bit faster now!

Of course as I am a creature of habit, I will still be popping over to other games, but I think I am settled back down for the most part enough to stick to these once again and try, at least in WoW, to get into doing more. It's easier in FR to just log in and get things done.. WoW is another story..

Till next time peeps!

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