Saturday, October 24, 2009

Word on the street... Champions, EQ, RoM.

Everything is always changing, additions being made. Games are always trying to make things more accessible to players. I never thought I'd see the day Everquest added race changes. One of the latest marketplace items is a race change scroll. I like the idea of  this option a lot. There are a couple of characters of mine I wouldn't mind changing the races of in the future when I pick the game back up.

There's also a lot of cool new things on the marketplace like a jack-o-lantern aura, bat on a string,  'The Haunted' title oh.. a cute little werewolf pet and a few more neat items! If I remember correctly today is the day Halloween begins in Norrath. *Gets homesick briefly*.. Anyhow you can read more about the spooky Everquest stuff here.

Champions Online is looking good! Cryptic really seems dedicated to keeping that game interesting. I'm very impressed. Tonight upon checking my email I saw I had some news from the Cryptic team stating, "From Friday, October 30th, until Monday, November 2nd, come play Champions Online ... for free!" I might just have to pop in to check out some of the changes and Bloodmoon. Play as a werewolf – or a hunter – during the Bite event. Join four friends in an all-out struggle for survival in the Zombie Apocalypse PvP... sounds like a lot of fun.

I received a buddy key for a 14 day trial, which was pretty cool since I don't think I've seen any trials out. I have one if anyone would like to email me, first come first serve. None of my friends or family are interested in playing.. so have at it. It looks like more content is incoming for Champions. A new Nemesis Lair in November and in December the Winter King event.. Exciting! You can find more about what is going on this month in Millennium city here. had a really cool contest today for a Runes of Magic Bat 'Witch Hat'. I couldn't help but try for one since that is one of the games I'm currently messing around in. There were only 1000 keys. Thanks Massively!

... And I just closed my browser forgetting I had this going while tabbing out for a few... another headache tonight. Check out some of my screen shots, as that link is the cause of this massive headache hehe. So I suppose that is a sign I should wrap this up heh.

I'm off to relax and watch a creepy movie with the hubby!


  1. i got the champions email as well so am very tempted to join ya...hmm decisions decisions

  2. Lol, too many Halloween events this week, all the temptation :p

  3. I wanna be a fly on the wall and watch the Halloween events! waaaaa




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