Monday, October 12, 2009

As the World (of Warcraft) turns.

I've been trying to get back into WoW a little more as my son and husband are playing again, of course they want me to pick it back up. Yesterday I got the I smell a Giant Rat Achievement. I was pretty happy since I've tried on and off since the last expansion was released. I fished for maybe five minutes this time and the achievement popped up. Next one I am after will be Turtles All the Way Down.

Doing a little raiding with priest as I can. I got into the tail end of a raid last night which was sort of nice to be able to do a raid with the Mr. again after so long. I've been catching up on much needed Hodir faction with the priest. I'm leaning towards her as main simply because I've had her longer than the Paladin. I still play both of them often enough depending on what is needed.

I try to find things that I've been slack with, factions, achievements, things like that.. to keep myself interested. Helping my son with some instances he needs or my husband with heroics. I could really use an expansion about now ;) I'm glad they are having fun still, and it is nice to have them to play with. Plus I know I will have more fun once Hallow's End comes around.

It seems that we should get our baby penguin pets around the end of this week! Oh I can't wait! I want my own widdle ping'in. I'm having a nice time, I really enjoy the game. I just tend to get bored sometimes.

I've not logged into Aion for a few days and I do miss it. I'm currently on the fence if it is really going to be worth it in the end. So that's what I've been doing in my game time ;) -kaozz

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