Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Booterang: NCSoft gets da booterang today!

I'm always sad to see a good game go under. Checking around the net for holiday events I came across something, some news, I either forgot about or just didn't notice. Dungeon Runners is closing down this year on New Years Eve. :(

This will be the second game in a row for NCSoft to can within this year. What a shame as this was a great little game. This was one I had played and really enjoyed. The greatest thing was the developers were so in touch with the community. They had a sense of humor, they loved this game and you, the player, knew it.

The first was Tabula Rasa which was suppose to go free but was closed instead. Old news I know, however it's interesting to me as a NCSoft customer.

Why? While Aion is currently a big success, I really don't see the company keeping a 'hands on' relationship with the community. I'm still playing, I enjoy the game. It just feels as if the company is sort of doing their own thing and players are out there on their own. Not much news on the website other than wiki listings, buy Aion, and the latest news. The news isn't very informative. I sort of feel NCSoft thinks it is such a great success it can run itself, in a manner of speaking.

I'm sort of wary of NCSoft these days. I continue to play Aion. However if it keeps up as it is with spammers, little interaction with the community (sorry, twitter isn't cutting it for official information for me), not enough fixes on the NA game, people are going to take notice and leave. I want to see this game do well. I have my issues with it, but I still like the game.

When compared to how the developers of Champions Online are with their new baby, Aion feels rather neglected in my eyes. If Champions keeps doing as they are, that game will go a long way. I'm starting to worry about how things in Aion are being handled by NCSoft.

Anyhow just some thoughts on the whole of NCSoft. Very sorry to see Dungeon runners time.. running out. I wish the DR team the best of luck wherever they go.

'Catches the Booterang for another day!'

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