Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Com's The Secret World.. Rockerfellers, Mayan Calendar and Conspiricy Theories?!..

I've read very little about Fun Com's new game The Secret World. I decided to try for entry to beta today. The link for applying has been sitting in my box for awhile, yes I've been lazy.

So while wondering really what it's about. I had a feeling it would be more of a Post Apocalyptic sort of game, and right I was about that. This game seems it could be on the edge of controversial. Juicy! They didn't go there.. the Illuminati, the Rockerfellers and conspiracy theories...Oh yes they did! Even mention of the Mayan calendar. This indeed is a great source of 'lore'. I'm certainly interested. I'm thinking this game will be a hot topic.

Does it touch a little too close to home? Or is it a tad out there? If you know anything about the topics mentioned previously you may have mixed thoughts. Is this just a bunch of 'urban legends'? Indeed a very inciting idea for a game, a new venture and also a broad horizon for potential players.

This isn't the first game to venture in this area. The 1995 card game Illuminati (by Steve Jackson) has been through a lot of controversy. You can see an example here.

Here are a few images from the beta entry 'test' of the three societies in TSW:

Mad props to Fun Com, this looks like a very interesting game indeed! If anything it surely will catch much attention. it will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

If you haven't checked out the beta entry page, you can here. Just don't let 'they' know you did ;)

You can check out more about the game on Massively.
As well as the official site.

I must head off to my secret society meeting now..
Till next time -kaozz

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