Friday, October 16, 2009

EC Times: Whats new in the MMORPG world?

Two days until Hallows End in WoW, woo! I cannot wait! I'm still wondering if Aion will add anything this year. I will be sorely disappointed if not! I've added a few additions to the Fun Events in October list. For gamers who love all things Halloween!

It seems Warhammer has a lot of changes in the new patch. Good to see Mythic is still hard at work trying to keep players happy. Although I have not played in ages it is nice to know that the game is evolving. Definitely a big update for Warhammer, you can read the notes here.

While I don't play Wizard 101 currently, the game seems to get better and better. So many cool features keep getting added to this game, especially in today's patch.

EQplayers (Everquest) has listed "For our third and last Road to Underfoot event, protect Norrath and quell the threat of invading Cliknar soldiers with Breaking the Seal." You can check out more details about the event here.

Kind of old news but worth mentioning.. I always liked Archlord very much. I was sad to see it close down but as promised Webzen has taken the game over and it's back up! There has also been a new class added the Swashbuckler. Check out the official site for more information as well as any inquires of switching over older characters and credits.

It looks like Fun Com is offering chances to join beta in The Secret World. Currently there is a 'Test' to gain beta access. You can check that out here.

Very interesting stuff. Have fun with whatever adventure you may be on! -kaozz

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