Saturday, October 17, 2009

What makes Aion fun for YOU?

I can't exactly say why I find Aion so fun. I just have a real enjoyable time playing. I know.. I do complain about Aion and NCSoft but when it comes down to it I still think it's a good solid game for the most part. I just want to see the game do well.

In most games I try, I can tell how long it is going to last for me from around 10-20. I start getting bored, log in less and less if it's not something I really think I will stick with. However with Aion I'm still logging in ready for the next round of quests, group or whatever adventure comes my way.

So I hit 18 with my Cleric last night. I'm a bit behind from starting over a few times. I've joined a few groups, it's always pretty easy as a Cleric to find one. Kind of reminds me of old Everquest in that aspect. People so far are pretty fair with rolling on loot. I've made a few friends and joined another guild that is a bit more active.

Grouping in Aion is pretty fun. There is the holy trinity Tank, Healer, Dps.. with the CC classes to boot. Having a class that can CC (Crowd Control), a mob makes things easier, especially on the healer. Much like marking mobs in WoW, you can in this game also. Handy things like 1, 2, 3, and Zzz for the CC mobs. You mark the mobs and those go over the head to let group members know which order to attack, which are going to be cc'd.


Healing so far is fun. It's old school. No add on for this game.. so it's not easy mode as my WoW healers using HealBot. I am enjoying the role of the healer again. Sometimes groups take on more than we can handle and this results in death and a run back. I find this is often a time when people drop groups. It can be disheartening to run back but it's not the worst thing.

For now there's still plenty of quests, group xp has been decent. I try to do a group or two a day to keep things interesting. I still have till Thursday till my account runs out, I suppose I will choose then if I want to keep playing. As of now I really can't say there is another game that has me so interested. I can't say why.. I just like Aion a lot right now. In a few levels I could have my behind handed to me in PvP constantly and that could all change. I suppose I will have to wait and see.

I've found this to be a more social game while leveling. I suppose it is also due to the population being high currently. Group, make friends, you will be surprised at how you might make a friend joining up and helping someone out from time to time. I've had to make myself be more social and really it's worth it. It makes the game more enjoyable to log in and have friends to talk to or group with. I'm not saying you should group all the time. Just don't pass up the chance to make a new friend!

Some things I have learned so far about makin' teh monies. Gather everything you see. I stop at most 'nodes' (currently I don't have any professions), I sell everything in stacks and really make good money off this. Even if it makes my journey a little bit longer, it is well worth the money. Even that Iron Ore you see everywhere sells good. Sell everything. Loot everything, sell the trash to the vendors. Greens, whites and materials go very quickly on the broker. Manastones are hot sellers. Check on prices, Physical Crit and a few others sell for quite a lot. Make sure you are selling your items for more than the vendor will give you! I notice a lot of people on the broker don't do this. Don't ever not sell and leave loot on the mobs. That trash loot sells very well. It all adds up. Make an extra trip to the vendors!

I've also learned not to upgrade every little piece of gear on the trip to level 20. Often items in the teens will be sold for as much as items in the 20's, don't waste your money on minor upgrades till then. It isn't going to make the biggest deal. Save it for when it starts to matter.


Yesterday I noticed there was a survey. I clicked on it and it was a gift. Five Lodas Amulets. These give you 20% xp for one hour, a nine hour cool down. These were given as a token of appreciation for dedication to Aion through the long wait queues.. And the recent updated added an improved spam filter! Very nice, a step in the right direction! +1 for NCSoft!

What makes Aion fun for you? Maybe it's just fresh and new. It's definitely not perfect but it's good. It is a nice change of pace. So that is what I've been up to lately in Aion.

Till next time peeps!

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